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Shiny Red Northern Cardinal Ornament


Birds are symbols of happiness and joy, so they are regarded as a necessity on the Christmas tree. Glassblowers often kept wild birds during the winter months since the sound of the gas flame in the workshop prompted the birds to sing. Then when spring arrived, the birds returned to freedom.
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Canary Ornament


The canary is a perching songbird in the finch family. The canary is an expression for great desire in life, shown in the birds singing and flying. However, the spirit dwindles when caged. The lesson learned from the canary is to always soar and sing!
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Strawberry Finch Ornament


The red avadavat is commonly known as a strawberry finch. This bird is the size of a sparrow and can be found in the open fields and grasslands of tropical Asia. Males are often caged because of their incredibly colorful plumage during breeding season. Spotting, photographing and observing such an incredible bird is an achievement!
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