How to Hang a Christmas Ornament (and Other Ornament Display Ideas)

Hanging Christmas ornaments doesn’t sound all that difficult at first glance. Take an ornament, attach one of those pokey wires to the ornament, find a bare branch and voila, you’ve hung an ornament. However, as the tree dries out in your living room from the warmth and lack of moisture in the air, your ornaments, if not hung well, are in danger of crashing to the floor. If your tree is on carpet then the ornament most likely will not break, but if your tree is on a tile or hardwood floor, your gorgeous collection of glass ornaments are at risk for a catastrophic death. You might also have the problem of having too many ornaments and over-stuffing your tree. Christmas ornaments are our highest priority, and we have some tips for safely hanging ornaments on your tree and displaying the extra ornaments you may have. 

Close the Wire

Generally, ornaments have a loop of string or ribbon at the top encouraging easy ornament hanging on the Christmas tree. Our ornaments are the same, but after our resident elves did extensive research at our Old World Christmas Elves Academy* we now recommend a wire ornament hanger attached to the ornament loop. When the tree branches and needles dry out, what once held an ornament now can be more slippery or needles can break off and ornaments can crash to the ground. The wire hangers can be secured both while attaching to the ornament and around the branch, preventing the ornament from moving or slipping off the branch. 

Holiday Kitten Ornament Hanging on the Tree

Choose the Branch Wisely

Only amateurs would hang a heavy ornament on a small branch, but it’s ok to brush up on our ornament skills from time to time. Heavy ornaments should be hung on thick branches or further back on smaller branches. Branches are all thicker where they attach to the tree trunk, so the further back, the safer the ornament is. Plus, having ornaments further back within the tree creates beautiful dimension and hidden surprises on all parts of the tree, not just the front branches. If you want to add a bit of style, you can also use these S Shaped ornament hooks on your tree and attach your favorite ornaments! They're great for holding those heavy ornaments! 

Log Cabin Ornament Hanging on the Tree

Ornament Garland

We know of some serial ornament collectors, and even some of our own staff set up three or four Christmas trees to accommodate their overflowing collections. If your Christmas tree runs out of prime real estate, you don’t have to pack the rest away. An ornament garland would be another way to display some of your favorite ornaments during the Christmas season. A beautiful ribbon or twine can be strung over the fireplace or a window and either the ornaments can be attached with the wires or the ornaments can be strung to the ribbon or twine with the ornament loops. 

Assortment of Ornaments on a Mantle

Ornament Wreath

If an ornament garland still doesn’t make enough room for all the ornaments, a more permanent decoration which uses plenty of ornaments is an ornament wreath. With a simple wreath form and a hot glue gun, ornaments nestled together to create a wreath create a vintage, but engaging final result. Making an ornament wreath would be a great option only if you didn’t want to hang those specific ornaments on the Christmas tree again. All together in a wreath is a great way to see them all at once. 

Christmas Ornaments on a Wreath

Ornament Jar

Some of our creative retailers get creative with their display, and we loved hearing about one shop that displayed all of their pickle ornaments in a clear-glass jar. But creative display isn’t only for retailers, multiple clear-glass jars, vases or containers make gorgeous table decorations, eye-catching side table display or counter-top couture. We know our ornaments are stunning and we think that a full Christmas tree and additional displays are the best way to highlight your collection. 

Vegetable Ornaments in Jars


*Unfortunately, there’s not really an Old World Christmas Elves Academy, but we do have a Ginger Cottages Elf Academy!

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Kudos to you for sharing such valuable insights in your blog post. It left me with a fresh perspective on the topic.

Wholesale Christmas Decorations

How do I hang an ornament? I have discovered that pipe cleaners/chenille stems are great ornament hangers. They come in many colors so you can coordinate or green disappears into the tree. Cut them to your desired size, twist one end around the ornament loop and then the other gets coiled around the branch….they can easily hang in the air or snuggle close to the branch…your preference. Leave a bit of the branch end standing up, and you can easily find this end, unwrap your ornament for storage. If you use the soft pipe cleaner, you do not have to worry about taking them off your ornament because of scratching when you wrap them up. For my Halloween trees and Easter tree, I use longer lengths of pipe cleaners. I coil the tree and then leave a longer tail to create coils and lightning strikes. These add another flair to the tree with all sorts of creative bursts of colors and shapes that color coordinate with the ornament.

Scott Johnson

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