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Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with Old World Christmas Christmas-themed puzzles and our new Go Pickle! game. These beautifully illustrated puzzles feature festive scenes and designs, providing hours of entertainment and enjoyment for the whole family. Explore the collection at Old World Christmas and make your Christmas celebrations even more delightful with these engaging puzzles.


About Our Puzzles & Games For Sale Online

Fun and Festive Ways to Spend Time

Jigsaw puzzles and card games offer great ways to pass the time. Puzzles challenge your brain and provide a good way to spend time with loved ones. Card games have been a form of entertainment for centuries. These games can bring the whole family together for an afternoon or evening of fun. Old World Christmas makes puzzles and games even better with holiday themes.

Whether you’re looking for activities for holiday festivities or special gifts for loved ones, our Christmas puzzles and games are the perfect choice. They guarantee hours of entertainment during the holiday season. Or you can keep them out to enjoy throughout the year. Our games and puzzles are also a creative way to feature some of our most popular Christmas ornaments. You might feel inspired to add some to your ornament collection after piecing them together on puzzles.

Find Your Favorite Christmas Puzzle Theme

Do you have specific themes in mind when you’re looking for puzzles for Christmas? Or are you open to exploring what’s available and finding the ideal one? With Old World Christmas, you’ll love our Christmas puzzle themes. If you’ve been collecting our holiday ornaments over the years, you might notice some of your favorites on our puzzles. Each puzzle is made up of multiple ornaments from our collection.

We’ve got a Santa-themed puzzle featuring some of our best-selling Santa ornaments. Try to see how many are included in this puzzle design, or see how many you already have in your collection. You might spot a Santa or two that you want to add to your tree this year. From traditional Santas to driving and boating Santas, our puzzle includes a wide range from our Santa ornament collection.

Food is a major part of the holiday season, from candy canes on trees to holiday feasts and Christmas cookies. At Old World Christmas, we’ve created a holiday puzzle that revolves around food. Specifically, this puzzle features many of our beloved food-themed ornaments that people have enjoyed adding to their trees over the years. You’ll find popcorn, pizza, pickles, and several other food ornaments in this puzzle.

Great Games for Holiday Entertainment

Christmas puzzles aren’t the only kind of entertainment. Holiday-themed card games are also tons of fun. Our Go Pickle! Game and Ornament includes a card game and a handcrafted pickle ornament. This 48-card game features amusing pickle character designs that the whole family will love. Find the perfect place on your tree for the pickle ornament, or display it on an ornament stand. Our pickle ornament and game can easily become a cherished family tradition year after year.

If you’re familiar with the Christmas Pickle tradition, you can use your new ornament to join the fun. This tradition involves having someone hang the pickle as the last ornament on the tree in a hidden spot. The first person to find the pickle on Christmas morning gets to open the first gift. Our Christmas pickle ornament is small enough to tuck away under branches, so it’s tough to find.

Games and Puzzles for Christmas Make the Perfect Gifts

Looking for gift ideas for friends or family? Christmas-themed puzzles and games make wonderful gifts for your loved ones. Our 500-piece jigsaw puzzles for Christmas are a great challenge for the brain, while also offering a calming way to pass a rainy or snowy afternoon. Each puzzle comes in a beautifully designed box featuring the puzzle to use as a visual guide. Choose from our Santa puzzle or food puzzle, depending on which design your loved ones prefer.

Give the gift of our Go Pickle! Game and Ornament this holiday season. Friends and family can enjoy playing the card game and finding the best spot for their new blown glass ornament. Our pickle ornaments are made by hand using techniques dating back to the 1800s. Each ornament is hand-painted in vivid green to add holiday cheer to any home.

Check Out Our Christmas Ornaments and Other Products

Are you on the hunt for a Santa or food ornament featured in our puzzles? Check out our full selection of Christmas ornaments at Old World Christmas. Look for ways to get more for your money with our special closeout deals. You might just find the exact ornament you’re looking for or see others that would be a great addition to your tree.

We also have an amazing collection of pickle ornaments. Start with the ornament included with the card game, then add more from our ornament collection. From jars of pickles to mini pickles and pickle chips, we’ve got all kinds to choose from at Old World Christmas.

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