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Radiant Crystal Snowflake

Make the whole room shimmer this holiday season.

  •  Finely Crafted

    Our Radiant Crystal Snowflake is created using the utmost precision, making every delicate detail intentional.

  • 180 Facets

    With 180 facets, the Radiant Crystal Snowflake showcases meticulous craftsmanship, revealing a symphony of brilliance in every cut.

  • Brilliant Crystal

    The brilliance of the crystal in the Radiant Crystal Snowflake reflects and refracts light perfectly, bringing shimmer to any Christmas tree.

Illuminate Your Holidays

Radiant Elegance!

Enjoy the gift of brilliant sparkle and shine this holiday season with the Radiant Crystal Snowflake.

This meticulously crafted wonder will light the room and Christmas tree with unparalleled radiance, as its intricate design and brilliant facets illuminate every corner, creating a captivating spectacle of festive enchantment.

Foster shared joy in the holiday celebrations with Old World Christmas, crafting moments of happiness to cherish together!