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A Quick History on Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments all started in Germany around since the 16th century. There they used apples to represent the tree of the forbidden fruit as discussed in the Bible. They later evolved into wafers, candles and pastries in the shape of angels, flowers, hearts and stars. Today the same shapes are still present in Christmas ornaments and they have evolved into much more. Ornament companies are more creative and looking to create unique Christmas ornaments to set themselves apart from the rest, and to help people like you put their own personalized twist to their tree. If you’re interested in more history of ornaments, check out our post on why Christmas trees have ornaments.

Looking for a Christmas theme this holiday season?

Christmas is all about themes, and it all starts with the ornaments. Whether It’s a traditional theme or something near and dear to your heart, choosing a theme with colors and ornaments is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. Your tree should be the center of your theme, then all other decorations should follow. Adding things like ribbon, flocking and lights are great additions and ways to show off those beautiful Christmas tree ornaments.

Deck the Halls with Pet Ornament Themes

Pets are a part of the family. Whether they have since past or are still spreading joy to the family, having an ornament of them is a great way to symbolize them. We have a great selection of both cat Christmas ornaments and dog Christmas ornaments, as well as any other pets you might have in our animal ornament page.

Time-Honored Christmas Themes

You can’t go wrong with a traditional themed Christmas ornament. They are something everyone will love and there are so many options to choose from. From Santa to Snowman to a nativity scene to a gingerbread house, Christmas themed ornaments are perfect for any Christmas tree.

Many Enjoy Angel Ornament Themes

Angels has been one of the classic toppers for many years, but they can also be great ornaments. These stoic guardians are perfect for any tree and we have a wide selection of colors and sizes to go with any color scheme you have going. Make an angel Christmas ornament a part of your tree this year.

Ornaments Can Go on More Than Just Christmas Trees

Christmas ornaments today are more than just for your tree. Snow globes are festive, and ornaments can be hung around the house. We have great selection of ideas for other uses around the house, such as hanging them on hooks and stands or on wreaths. If you’re looking for more ideas on where to hang Christmas tree ornaments for the season or for all year round check out our post which details our top 6 ways to display Christmas ornaments all year.

Hanging Christmas Ornaments Throughout the House

When the tree overflows hanging Christmas ornaments, ornaments hooks and stands are the next best thing. Whether it’s one ornament in particular you want to show off or a specific theme you’re going for you can use these to represent that perfectly. Christmas ornaments can also be hung year-round with these hooks and stands.

Holiday Snow Globes

It’s believed that Snow globes were originally create as a replacement to paper weights. Today they have become perfect decoration found on mantels, tables, windowsills, desks and anywhere they can be admired. They also make great gifts and collectibles. Check out our selection and add a beautiful, new addition to your decorations.

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