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While you're patiently waiting, be sure to check out the many ornaments that are available now!


About Our Coming Soon, ornaments & more

Coming Soon: New Holiday Collections

Welcome to a world where holiday magic comes to life before your very eyes! As the countdown to Christmas begins, we invite you to join us on an enchanting journey through our ornaments and cards to learn about what's new in 2024 for Old World Christmas. Explore the collection that is coming soon and discover a treasure trove of delights new to Old World Christmas, including tree toppers and candles.

Send a Message of Love and Peace

Share the joy of the season with our Ornamental Greetings collection, featuring beautifully designed cards adorned with gorgeous pictures of ornaments and heartfelt messages. These are perfect for sending warm wishes to loved ones near and far. Featuring funny sayings and ornaments of popular activities such as pickleball, these are sure to delight anyone you hold dear.

Celebrate Our Anniversary

Celebrate our 45th anniversary in style with our Sapphire Collection, showcasing classic Santa depictions from Norway and Germany. Delight in the touching image of Santa crafting toys for boys and girls at his workshop, one that is new to Old World Christmas.

Find a Gift to Last for Ages

You could be the first in your family to find a special gift and heirloom that lasts over the years. Our quality glass ornaments are perfect for passing down and keeping the spirit of Christmas alive through generations.

Pick Elegant Additions for Your Tree

Get a touch of holiday elegance in your home with tree toppers and home accents in our upcoming collection new to Old World Christmas. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and adorned with sparkling embellishments, these tree toppers are perfect choices for a festive house. You can pick out a spooky pumpkin or an adorable Rudolph to create feelings of joy whenever you look at your tree.

Discover Brands You Love

Some of your favorite brands are no longer confined to stores. With ornaments based on properties by Hasbro, Mars Wrigley, Rolling Stones, and MLB, you can find presents for even the pickiest person in your life. Whether the young fan in your life or the lover of chocolate bars wants to join in the holiday fun, these ornaments can help you find a heartwarming gift.

Feel Warm in the Winter

From lanterns with scenes depicting Santa delivering presents to ones with a snowman family cozied up together, each piece new to Old World Christmas evokes the warmth of the holiday season. Imagine curling up by the fire with a cup of cocoa, surrounded by pumpkin-scented candles. With our home accents, you can. Create a welcoming atmosphere that invites loved ones to celebrate the magic of the holidays together.

Capture Your Love for Autumn

For those who long for the sights of autumn, this collection offers a treasure trove of relaxation and joy. These ornaments have picture-perfect scenes of jack-o-lanterns illuminated with light, evoking memories of crisp autumn nights.

Cozy up to watch the glitter and leaves fall on an autumn forest gnome safe in his snow globe. When you want a touch of fall in your winter celebrations, these ornaments new to Old World Christmas are a great fit.

Express Your Personality

Our new collection offers endless opportunities for self-expression. Whether you want an adorable Winnie-the-Pooh storybook ornament to reflect on your young children or are a foodie delighting in the culinary-inspired designs of sushi rolls and dim sum, these ornaments allow you to express yourself in unique ways.

Play On with Sports Ornaments

Add a sporty flair to your holiday decor with our sports-themed ornaments new to Old World Christmas. Raise a toast to your favorite team with intricately crafted beer mugs adorned with their logo, capturing the excitement of game day festivities. You can even feel the thrill of the ballpark with ornaments shaped like baseball mitts, perfect for showing your love for this American pastime.

Craft Memories with Music

There are many music-themed ornaments made with age-old craftsmanship awaiting you, including some coming soon to Old World Christmas. With miniature AC/DC and Elton John albums in ornament form, what is new to Old World Christmas spans a wide range of music tastes. Collect the famous Rolling Stones tongue ornament or the iconic Broadway marquee sign for your own enjoyment all season long.

Sip in Style with Soda Bottles

Quench your thirst for festive flair with ornaments shaped like soda bottles. These playful new Christmas decorations are perfect for your holiday setup, evoking memories of fizzy drinks shared with friends and family. Picture your tree adorned with these charming new ornaments, their sparkling colors catching the light.

Celebrate Achievements

Mark milestones and celebrate achievements with ornaments to commemorate a new baby or ones shaped like graduation caps with Class of 2025 emblems. These symbols of accomplishment serve as reminders of hard work and all the joys to come. Imagine the pride of hanging these ornaments new to Old World Christmas on your tree, honoring the special milestones for your family.

Step into Fashion with Sneakers and Heel Ornaments

Make a fashion statement with ornaments shaped like sneakers and heels. Whether you are a sneakerhead or a fashionista, these stylish decorations add flair to your holiday decor. Your tree can hold a pair of miniature sneakers in vibrant hues or heels adorned with glitter, reflecting your unique sense of style.

Toast to Success

Toast to Success

Raise a glass to success with ornaments shaped like martinis. These chic decorations and sleek designs new to Old World Christmas capture the sophistication and glamour of cocktail hour. They even serve as a way to remind yourself to indulge in the finer things in life.

Elevate Your Holiday Celebrations with Old World Christmas

As the holidays draw near, join us for a whimsical journey filled with joy. Explore items new to Old World Christmas, as your shopping haul brims with treasures to enhance your home with seasonal magic. 

Sign up for updates to be the first to know when our collection launches, or return to our site to discover new additions. Let Old World Christmas be a part of your holiday, creating memories that endure a lifetime.

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