Fairytale Ornaments

Bring the enchantment of classic fairytales to life with Old World Christmas Classic Fairytales Christmas ornaments. These intricately designed ornaments depict beloved characters and scenes from timeless stories, adding a touch of magic to your holiday decor. Explore the collection at Old World Christmas and let the fairytales unfold on your Christmas tree.


About Our Fairytale Ornaments


Fairytales are full of mythical lore, spanning back thousands of years and surviving through the generations. Some of our favorite fairytale ornaments include a gnome ornament, a whimsical little guy thought to bring good luck, as well as our Christmas pixie ornament, a delightful little elf who may just be a little mischievous.


For some older lore, we have a few mermaid Christmas ornaments, which were thought to protect sailors, as well as fall in love with them. Our fairytale christmas ornament collection also includes a few dragons, which unlike mermaids who typically have a more loving reputation, often spelled doom for those who were in its path. 


Fairies in folklore can range from doting godmother figures to mischievous troublemakers. Either way, adding a fairy ornament to your tree is sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees. We have a collection of fairy ornaments to choose from, including the famous Tooth Fairy- perfect for a dentist or to celebrate your kiddo’s first lost tooth, as well as a sugar plum fairy from Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. To stick with the Nutcracker theme, we also have a gorgeous Clara ornament.

Sasquatch, Neptune, the Tooth Fairy, oh my! When it comes to mythical creatures, Old World Christmas has you covered with a plethora of fairytale christmas ornamentsto choose from. Whether you are looking for a specific character from your favorite fairytale or something with just a sprinkle of magic, you can find it right here. 


Our fairytale christmas ornaments collection includes some familiar faces as well, such as Mr. Frosty, a rotund snowman with a corncob pipe, the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland, the Frog King, a flying pig, and many more. 


Old World Christmas’s hand-blown glass Christmas ornaments come in hundreds of styles, so there is something for everyone. While our fairy ornaments pertain to magical creatures and characters from myth and lore, we have plenty of non-magical ornaments as well, including our popular animal ornaments to represent your favorite pets, novelty food ornaments crafted to look like your favorite snacks, and dated ornaments to remind you to look back fondly on a special year. Our Christmas ornaments for teachers make for an easy but meaningful gift for the teacher in your life, and our Christmas-themed ornaments ensure the meaning of the holiday season isn’t lost in the hustle and bustle. Shop our site today for the perfect ornament for your tree! 

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