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Countdown to Christmas in style with Old World Christmas advent calendars featuring charming Christmas ornaments. Each day reveals a new ornament, adding joy and anticipation to the holiday season while creating a treasured collection of decorations for years to come.


About Our Advent Calendars For Sale Online

Fun Ways to Count Down to Christmas

Advent leads the way to Christmas Day. During this time, many people use advent calendars to count down the days until Christmas. These calendars make great holiday decor. They also give you a practical way to keep track of the days during this busy time of year. With decorating, shopping, festive events, and other things to do, the holiday season is often a chaotic time. At Old World Christmas, we help you slow down and enjoy the holidays with an advent calendar.

Our Christmas advent calendars put a charming spin on the traditional advent calendar. Our calendars feature 24 of our specially made ornaments. This gives you over two dozen new ornaments to add to your holiday collection. You can reuse this calendar year after year as part of a family tradition. Take turns revealing each ornament and adding it to your big tree or a tabletop tree that’s just for advent.

Christmas Advent Calendars Add Charm to Your Home

An ornament advent calendar is a great way to add festive charm to any room during the holiday season. While many traditional advent calendars are designed to be hung on a wall or door, ours are perfect for Christmas trees of all sizes. You and your family can place each day’s ornament on your main tree as we move closer and closer to Christmas Day. Start from the bottom of your tree and work your way to the top, or let family members place ornaments anywhere they want on the tree.

You can also set up a special advent tree on a bookcase, side table, or shelf in your home. Our advent calendar ornaments can easily fit on a small tabletop tree. This gives you a convenient way to decorate any room in your home, while also counting down to Christmas. Put your advent tree in your living room or another part of your home where everyone can see it and add to it each day.

The Perfect Way to Prepare for the Season

What makes Christmas advent calendars so popular? These are a time-honored tradition thanks to their mix of practicality and seasonal flair. You know how much you have to do during the holiday season. Time can go so quickly that it ends up being Christmas Eve before you know it. With an advent calendar, you can easily stay aware of how many days you have left to finish up your holiday to-do list. Whether you have lots of shopping to do or festivities to prepare for, our Christmas advent calendar from Old World Christmas is the ideal way to stay focused. 

Our ornament advent calendar is filled with a charming combination of traditional and non-traditional designs. You’ll find snowmen, shining stars, stockings, and Santas mixed with some of our more notable non-traditional designs, like pickles, unicorns, and a bowl of Mac and cheese. Our advent calendars can bring a smile to your face as you reveal each ornament behind its decorative panel.

Great Gift for Kids

Surprise grandkids or other kids in your life with an advent calendar from Old World Christmas as an early holiday gift. Our Christmas advent calendars give kids a fun way to keep track of how close Christmas is getting. As they go through the season, they can reveal a different ornament each day. Every ornament in this calendar features an adorable design that kids will love. From gingerbread men and candy canes to Santa, dinosaurs, and more.

The ornaments in our advent calendar are made with flexible, kid-friendly material. This means you don’t need to worry about kids accidentally breaking ornaments made of glass or other fragile materials. Instead, kids can enjoy opening each daily panel to see what surprise ornament is in store for them. Set up a small tree for kids to decorate with these ornaments during the countdown to Christmas. They’ll love being able to count down the days until Santa comes.

Fill Up on Christmas Ornaments for the Holiday Season

An ornament advent calendar is a good reminder that the holiday season is upon us. Make sure you have plenty of ornaments for your tree this year. While our advent calendars feature kid-friendly material, our wider selection at Old World Christmas includes blown glass, handcrafted Christmas ornaments. These beautifully designed ornaments are an ideal addition to your Christmas tree.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Browse through our selection of closeout deals to pick out ornaments that catch your eye. We have an incredible collection of traditional and non-traditional ornaments. No matter what your interests or design preferences are, you can find the best ornaments to brighten up your home.

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