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  • USB and Battery Power

    Our lanterns seamlessly switch between USB and battery power, ensuring you enjoy their enchanting glow anytime, anywhere.

  • Tunes for every Season

    Each snow globe embodies a unique season, accompanied by a distinct tune that mirrors its depicted scene.

  • Swirling Glitter Delight

    Power our lanterns and revel in the uninterrupted dance of swirling glitter, bringing endless delight to your surroundings.

  • Works of Art

    Our lanterns and snow globes are meticulously handcrafted by Old World Christmas artisans, ensuring every piece is a masterpiece of festive elegance.

Lights and sounds of the holiday

Timeless Holiday Joy

Bring merriment and joy to your décor this holiday season with Old World Christmas lanterns and snow globes.

Our collection of snow globes and lanterns are sure to make your seasons merry, bright, and full of enchanting wonder. Whether it's the whimsical sounds of the seasons in our snow globes or the warm, inviting glow of our lanterns, each piece is crafted to infuse your space with the magic of the holidays. Elevate your decor with timeless pieces that bring joy, and happiness throughout the year.

Share the joy of the holidays with Old World Christmas, crafting moments of happiness to cherish together!