Norman Rockwell

Celebrate one of the most iconic times of the year – Christmas – with one of the most iconic artists in our history – Norman Rockwell. Coming in fall of 2023, The Old World Christmas design team brings Norman Rockwell's signature pieces to life in our new licensed Rockwell line. The detail and artistry of the paintings you love, beautifully crafted in delightful mouth blown glass ornaments.


About Our Norman Rockwell

Celebrating a Legacy

Every generation and culture has their great artists. Visionaries who captured images of lifestyles gone by. Creators who seem synonymous with their home countries.

The Italian Renaissance had Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli. The French have Degas, Renoir, and Matisse. In the United States, one of our most iconic artists is undeniably Norman Rockwell. Known for his depictions of everyday American life, he spent more than 50 years creating artwork featuring quintessential American people, places, and landscapes. His work graced the cover of The American Post for decades, and he has secured a spot in American history as one of our most well-known and beloved creators.

Brand new for 2023, Old World Christmas is releasing a line of Norman Rockwell Christmas ornaments featuring some of his signature designs.

Pure Americana

No one has captured the spirit of America in the early 20th century the way Norman Rockwell was able to with his artwork. His pieces evoke a nostalgic fondness for days gone by and simpler times. They bring to mind memories of sitting around the radio or television to catch the latest entertainment, gathering for family meals, or traversing beautiful, snow-covered landscapes in quaint town centers and pockets of rural oasis.

Our Norman Rockwell Christmas ornaments feature some of his iconic characters and images, like his depiction of Santa, a quintessential colonial home, and a sweet family dog. Adding these to your tree will immediately infuse a warm, familiar air to your holiday, linking this Christmas to all of those in your past, and reminding you of old traditions, departed loved ones, and endless family memories. Add some of our Norman Rockwell Christmas decorations to your collection today.

Lean into Nostalgia

Alongside our cherished Norman Rockwell ornaments, we present a delightful collection of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer ornaments, showcasing the beloved characters from the timeless Christmas special. Adorn your tree with Rudolph, Yukon Cornelius, and their enchanting friends, paying tribute to a celebrated tale that has captivated generations.

Pair these with our exclusive licensed product ornaments and personalized Christmas ornaments, and you'll create an impressive ensemble of Christmas ornaments that will illuminate and bring joy to any tree.

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