Travel Ornaments

Commemorate all the miles traveled whether across the county, the state, the country or the world with one of our travel Christmas ornaments. Vacation or business, outdoor adventure or sightseeing we have it all. From the architecture of the most iconic buildings and landmarks to the beauty of our national parks you will find something for all your adventures. We have great beach Christmas ornaments for the simple people who just want to travel to the shore!


About Our Travel Ornaments

Our Greatest Pastime

One of the greatest joys of the human experience is the ability to travel. Whether on a road trip that doesn’t leave the state or on a world tour that takes us across oceans, there’s nothing like the ability to experience other cultures firsthand.

The privilege of being able to immerse yourself in someone else’s culture, landscapes, traditions, and way of living is not only a beautiful learning experience, but it’s also a wonderful way to bond with fellow travelers, expand your own boundaries, and get a better perspective of life beyond your doorstep.

We live in an age where we’re able to take advantage of cars, trains, and even airplanes to connect us to different parts of the world that our ancestors may never have had the opportunity to experience. A travel Christmas ornament is a great keepsake to help remember your latest adventures.

Lifelong Memories

When it comes to travel destinations and experiences, the possibilities seem endless. Some vacations and travels keep us close to home, exploring the land and resources that surround and provide for us on a daily basis. Other trips take us to remote corners of the earth, where we can observe cultures, architecture, and traditions we might not otherwise be exposed to.

But one thing remains true. Wherever you’ve traveled, your trip should be commemorated with a classic Old World Christmas Ornament.

Buildings & Landmarks

Different cities have vastly different architecture, and it can be breathtaking to see the building styles of different cultures. With building and landmark travel ornaments for Christmas trees, you can bring a little bit of your favorite destination home with you, whether you’ve been to see the Eiffel Tower, a beloved national park, or a famous world city.

United States of America

Show your state pride with a state-themed travel ornament. Whether you want to pay homage to your current home state, shout out where you grew up, or even show support for the home of your favorite sports team, we’ve got you covered.


Half the fun of traveling is getting there. From cars to campers to trains, planes, and buses (oh my!), we have no shortage of transportation ornaments representing your favorite mode of travel ready and waiting to show us the country and the world.


For many, the most anticipated time of year is the week or two when you’re able to lay down your responsibilities, turn off your phones, and enjoy a relaxing vacation escape. This time spent with family or friends, completely devoid of distractions, is a luxury that should be celebrated and remembered year-round. Why not commemorate your latest trip with a unique and beautiful vacation Christmas ornament from Old World Christmas?


Nothing says “summer beach vacation” quite like a lighthouse. With our selection of ornaments replicating real lighthouses from across the country, you’re sure to find the perfect one to remind you of warmer days spent soaking up the sun by the beautiful seashore.

International Travel

Our international travel ornaments make great gifts for the world traveler or big dreamer in your life. Whether your traveler has just returned from a world tour, has an international trip planned soon, or just dreams of the day when they’ll be able to see the world, an international travel Christmas ornament is a beautiful way to honor their experiences and ambitions.

National Parks

In America, our National Park system is unrivaled. Spanning the entire country, National Parks exist from coast to coast, serving as preserved areas that allow us to get a glimpse of what the world might have looked like before we arrived. Taking a trip to visit different National Parks allows us to see natural wonders that don’t exist anywhere else. Remember your favorite National Parks and landmarks with ornaments from our National Parks ornaments collection.

Discover the Magic

Embark on a festive journey with our extensive collection of Christmas ornaments. From personalized Christmas ornaments to travel mementos, find the perfect ornament that resonates with your story. Explore our collections today and let your Christmas tree tell tales of adventures and cherished memories!

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