Brown Christmas Ornaments

When you’re on the prowl for one-of-a-kind Christmas Ornaments, we’re willing to bet our selection of brown Christmas ornaments will leave you speechless. From mythical Sasquatch Ornaments to Bacon Strip Ornaments, wooden ornaments, cute bunnies, delicious cookies, hiking boots, and more, no one designs brown ornaments quite like Old World Christmas.


About Our Brown Christmas Ornaments


Browse our entire collection of brown ornaments today to find the fun and unique ornament for everyone on your list. Have a special idea for a custom brown ornament in mind? Contact us today to design aCustom Christmas Ornament!


Brown ornaments may not be the first option you think of when you think of Christmas, but they should definitely be on your list! Brown Christmas ornaments come in several shades of dark and light browns to goldish hues, which means mixing and matching with Gold Ornaments,White Ornaments, and even Silver Ornaments is easy. What’s more, brown Christmas ornaments are perfect for making other desired colors pop on your Christmas tree. Many of our brown Christmas ornaments feature fun themes like nature and wildlife,cocktails,desserts, and more.


Brown is a classic color of nature, making it the perfect match for your fresh-cut evergreen tree. Aside from being one with nature, the color brown symbolizes stability, warmth, honesty, grounding, and wholesomeness. It can also symbolize simplicity, health, and growth. This holiday season, share your newfound wealth of knowledge about the meaning behind this often overlooked color when friends and family admire your newest brown Christmas ornaments you picked up from Old World Christmas!


No matter what your perfect Christmas tree design looks like, Old World Christmas makes it simple to find today’s most beautiful, handcrafted glass Christmas ornaments crafted with love and shipped right to your door. Here you will find the most precious Christmas ornaments to commemorate all of life’s special moments, people, and pets–but don’t take our word for it! See for yourself when you browse our collections of more than 1,500 Dog OrnamentsCat OrnamentsNutcracker Ornaments, and Angel Christmas Ornaments! Traditional, modern, and Personalized Christmas Ornaments are being created regularly, so check back frequently to see what New Ornaments are waiting for you!

Around here, we believe Christmas is more than just ornaments on a tree. In fact, we think you should be able to display them anywhere you want, and any time of the year, which is why we’re proud to also offer Accessories and Decor that make it possible to display your favorite Christmas ornaments all year long and from anywhere you are. Be sure to also peruse our adorable Ginger Cottages with special designs for Christmas, Halloween, K-9 Cottages, and more! 

Shop Old World Christmas today to find the very best brown Christmas ornaments for yourself and your loved ones. Interested in creating your own custom ornament? Contact us today to get started!

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