Christmas Night Lights

Bring the light of the season to your home with our collectible Christmas night lights. Each year Old World Christmas releases a new beautifully crafted Christmas night light to add to your collection. Every beautifully crafted figure captures the charm of the season with its magical glow illuminating your holiday.

The Christmas night light collection started in 1985 and since then a new light has been released each year. You can view the whole collection by year here.


About Our Christmas Night Lights

Functional Meets Festive

Night lights are a practical addition to any room for safety, but they can also add a decorative touch. At Old World Christmas, our decorative night lights feature Santa in bold reds, greens, and other holiday hues. Each night light is carefully crafted by hand to ensure exquisite detail and high-quality. These hand-painted night lights from Old World Christmas are made using European techniques handed down from the 1800s.

Our Christmas wall lights are the perfect way to add to your holiday decorations. Plug them into outlets for instant illumination and festive cheer. Let Santa light up your home this season. Our Christmas night lights come in a wide range of designs featuring Santa, from hanging out with polar pals to getting around the North Pole and beyond.

Add Festive Flair to Any Room

You’ve got your holiday lights in place, the Christmas tree all set up, and the stockings hanging up. How can you add even more seasonal decor to your home? Our decorative night lights at Old World Christmas are the perfect solution! Our night lights easily fit on shelves, side tables, dressers, or any other surfaces where you need a bit of light. Simply plug them into the nearest outlet to brighten up any room.

Our night lights give living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and other areas soft, seasonal lighting that looks beautiful this time of year. Turn off lamps and overhead lights, turn your Christmas tree and holiday lights on, plug in your Christmas night light, and you’ll have the ideal holiday setting in your home. When you’re done using your night light, just unplug it until you’re ready to use it again. These night lights are a great way to add a bit of festive illumination while you’re watching holiday movies, sitting by the fire, or watching snow fall outside.

Light Up the Night With Decorative Night Lights

At Old World Christmas, our Christmas night lights are designed with quality in mind. We want you to be able to enjoy these night lights for years to come. Whether you’re collecting each night light we release over the years or just looking to add a few to your home, you can count on having them around for a long time. We have replacement light bars available if any of your decorative night lights end up dying. You can easily replace the light with our night light bar assembly, then go back to enjoying your holiday lighting.

Did you know that we release a new Christmas night light every year? This has been a tradition of ours since 1985. Don’t worry if you’ve missed out. You can find night lights from years past in our collection for sale. Or you can purchase our newest night light and continue getting the latest one each year to start your own tradition.

Christmas Wall Lights Featuring Santa

Our Christmas night lights at Old World Christmas feature this beloved holiday character. If you’ve got some of our Christmas ornaments with Santa designs, our night lights are a great way to keep that theme going in your home. Santa needs a reliable way to get around, especially during Christmas. Our night lights feature Santa on a locomotive, a traditional sleigh, and an antique car that allows him to get around in style.

We’ve also got Santa night lights where he’s singing Christmas carols or checking his list to see who’s naughty or nice. Looking for an elegant night light? We’ve got a regal Father Christmas design that’s ideal for your home. You can also brighten up your home with a night light featuring Santa with a few penguin friends or Santa with one of his helpful elves at his side.

Find More Christmas Decor at Old World Christmas

Our Christmas night lights are a wonderful way to light up your home, but they’re not all we have. Check out our closeout deals to find Christmas ornaments and other products at great prices! Our collection includes several themes and styles, not just Santa. We’ve got animals and pets, gingerbread cottages, sports and recreation, nature, and many other Christmas designs to choose from.

Every item is hand-crafted and painted to provide exceptional color. Whether you’re looking for gifts to surprise loved ones with or new decor for your home, you can find what you’re looking for at Old World Christmas. Visit us today to browse our entire collection of night lights and other Christmas products for your home.

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