Classic Glass Ball Sets

Add timeless elegance to your Christmas tree with Old World Christmas Classic Ball Christmas ornaments. These beautifully crafted ornaments feature traditional designs and vibrant colors, capturing the essence of holiday nostalgia. Explore the collection at Old World Christmas and create a cherished holiday display.


About Our Classic Glass Ball Sets


Growing up, you may remember the grand, decorative Christmas trees of your parents, grandparents, friends, and relatives. Chances are, they had traditional trees with an assortment of beautifully selected and curated ornaments. For many, this includes classic glass ball ornament sets.

Add character, nostalgia, and elegance to your tree with our glass ball Christmas ornament sets. Available in six and twelve piece sets, these glass ornament balls fill in any empty spaces on your tree, adding color and brilliance to any Christmas tree. They allow your other ornaments to shine, while providing traditional beauty to your tree and holiday décor.


Here at Old World Christmas, we’re all about remembering holiday traditions, and ushering them into a new and modern era. All of our ornaments, from our glass ball ornaments to our themed collections, are made using traditional European techniques dating all the way back to the 1800s. Each ornament is hand crafted and lovingly painted by hand.

This gives our ornaments the kind of classic detail, style, and personality that is so hard to find among today’s ornament selections. We transport you back to a simpler time, while making sure to keep our ornaments contemporary, desirable, and relevant in the present day. Look to the future while honoring the past with our traditional glass ball sets and glass ornaments.


With our Christmas ornaments, the possibilities for decorating your tree are endless. You can choose the elegant, understated route, and trim your tree exclusively with our glass ball ornament sets, or you can choose to go a bit more whimsical with our traditional ornaments.

Theme your tree with ornaments that represent the things you love and that matter in your life with our various collections. We have traditional Christmas ornaments, snowmen ornaments, and Santa ornaments, and that doesn’t even begin to cover everything we offer. For something extra personal and special, be sure to check out our personalized Christmas ornaments. They make a great keepsake for your family, or a great gift for a friend or loved one.

Browse our extensive collections today, and finally have the Christmas tree décor you’ve always dreamed of, thanks to Old World Christmas.

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