Custom Christmas Ornament Design

Need the perfect custom Christmas ornament for a corporate or promotional gift or just want something unique for your retail store?  Look no further than Old World Christmas. We have been creating blown-glass figural Christmas ornaments since 1979.  Our extensive line of ornaments ranges from traditional to whimsical and is guaranteed to impress any personality or style. But we can also translate your ideas into your unique and exclusive personalized Christmas ornament.

Old World Christmas offers two types of custom ornaments for our customers to choose from.

Custom Christmas Ornament Design

The custom ornament design option gives you complete control starting with concept and design.

Please see some examples of custom ornaments below:


Travel Ornaments

Custom Ornament Redesign

The custom redesign is a great option that allows us to use an existing mold but modify some aspects of the ornament. Some of the options for modification include paint color, glitter location and color, and even adding a custom decal.  The custom redesign option is more cost effective and a faster process than a complete custom ornament design.

Please see some examples below:

Custom Champagne, Beer and Seashell Ornaments

If you are interested creating your own custom ornament and would like to learn more about the process and pricing please contact us directly at