Broken Or Lost Ornament Replacements

Did one of your ornaments break or get lost? Don't worry, you don't have to buy a new Christmas ornament set, just check out these collection replacements!


About Our Broken Or Lost Ornament Replacements

Easily Replace Cherished Ornaments

Decorating Christmas trees with ornaments or displaying them around homes is a tradition that’s been around for ages. Unfortunately, ornaments can get lost over the years. You might lose one or more during a move. Ornaments can also end up being damaged or broken. They might fall off a tree branch or break while being handled. Whether you have lost or broken ornaments, Old World Christmas is here to help.

We carry a limited selection of collection replacements at all times. These may change from time to time, so keep a close eye out for any that you need. These replacements allow you to enjoy having a complete set of one of our themed Christmas ornament collections. Or you can replace a favorite ornament that was accidentally broken or lost. We offer these replacements to our customers as a convenience. We know how much customers love our beautifully crafted blown glass ornaments.

Add a Romantic Touch to Your Tree

Did you recently get married? Are you celebrating a big anniversary this year? Our wedding-themed Christmas ornaments offer a touch of romance to your tree. If you already have some of these, check out our available replacements. We’ve got heart-shaped wedding ornaments, wedding bells, bride and groom ornaments, and cathedral ornaments. All of these ornaments are hand-painted in whites, golds, and other shades for an elegant look that won’t fade over time.

Our collection replacements also include romantic flowers. Missing a red rose bouquet or have a broken pink rose bouquet? Lost a single pink rose ornament? You can replace it with a brand new one made with our special handcrafted techniques. These delicate floral ornaments add a graceful look to Christmas trees and go well with our wedding-themed ornaments.

Bring Nature into Your Home

At Old World Christmas, we have a wide selection of nature-themed ornaments. You’ll find several kinds of animal ornaments, nature ornaments, and outdoor ornaments. If you’ve got a lost or broken one, check our currently available collection replacements. We’ve got a golden bunny with a red bow to bring holiday cheer to your home. We also have Graceful Fish replacements, Glistening Cone replacements, and Pastel Songbird replacements.

Find Replacement Parts for Christmas Trees

Are there other Christmas ornaments that you’re missing? Have they been broken or lost? We offer replacement parts for Christmas tree decor at affordable prices. Keep in mind that we carry a limited selection of collection replacements at a time. Check back often to see our updated replacement offerings, especially if you’re looking to replace a favorite ornament.

In addition to wedding-themed and nature-themed ornaments, we also have more traditional replacements in our current collection. Replace your Santa with a Tree Ornament, so your tree won’t be missing out on one of the biggest symbols of Christmas. Have a lost or broken Glad Tidings Angel Ornament? Replace it, and your tree will continue being graced by the presence of this beautifully crafted ornament in soft white, blues, and gold tones.

What else is currently available in our collection replacements? We’ve got Cozy Cottage Ornaments, Fancy Fruit Basket Ornaments, and Fancy Teapot Ornaments. While you won’t get a story tag with replacements, you’ll still have handcrafted, blown-glass ornaments that instantly enhance your tree.

Our collection replacements are also a great way to surprise a loved one. If a friend or family member has a broken or lost ornament, we may just have a replacement available. Watch with delight as they open such a thoughtful gift from you that they can cherish over the years.

See What Else Is Available at Old World Christmas

Looking for Old World Christmas ornaments discount to save money on decorations? We’ve got incredible closeout deals to browse through, so you can add ornaments to your tree at great prices. With our sales, you’ll be able to purchase more ornaments to spruce up your home. Add the finishing pieces to a collection, or start a new collection of ornaments from one of our many themes, from animals and education to transportation and Western. Don’t forget that we have ornaments for other holidays, including Easter and Hanukkah.

 Keep in mind that our selection goes beyond ornaments. We also have Christmas light covers, ornament hangers, and much more. Find the perfect tree topper or add icicle lights to your holiday decor. Explore our whole selection of blown glass ornaments, decor, accessories, and more at Old World Christmas. Check back often as our sales and deals change throughout the year.

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