Christmas Tree Top

Traditionally an Angel ornament or a Star ornament have been placed on top of the Christmas tree as reminder that God's divine love and light are shining down from above. Each Old World Christmas tree topper is made from blown-glass, which is then painted and glittered with great care and attention to detail. Each Christmas tree topper is then packaged in an Old World Christmas printed box, making a special holiday gift, as well as a great way to store this treasure for your next holiday celebration! Create a new Tradition to Cherish! 


About Our Christmas Tree Top

Holiday & Christmas Tree Topper

Give your tree the perfect finishing touch with one of our handcrafted Christmas tree toppers!

About Our Christmas Tree Topper

The ideal Christmas tree topper can spruce up your tree. People have been using tree toppers for centuries as a way to make Christmas trees more decorative or serve a symbolic purpose. From stars to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem to fun Santa and snowmen tree toppers, we’ve got a great selection to choose from.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick with the same Christmas tree topper year after year. Our collection of Christmas tree toppers at Old World Christmas makes it easy to switch it up over the years or stock up if you have more than one tree in your home.

Santa and Snow Tree Toppers

Make Santa the center of attention on your Christmas tree with a Santa Tree Top or Father Christmas Tree Top. These Christmas tree toppers are a delightful way to top off your tree, especially if you have kids or grandkids around.


Dreaming of a white Christmas? Give your tree a snowy touch with our Frosty Tree Top. This Christmas tree topper adds some magic and a favorite holiday character to any Christmas tree. For something more elegant, check out our Snowflake Tree Top with its icy blue and white coloring and sparkly design.

Traditional Christmas Tree Toppers

At Old World Christmas, our handcrafted, blown-glass tree toppers are perfect for traditionally styled Christmas trees of any size. Our 4-inch Small Star Tree Top in shiny gold is a great option for smaller trees. Our red and gold Swirly Star Tree Top measures over 6 inches, making it a good choice for standard-size trees.

Honor the heart of Christmas with our exquisitely designed Nativity Tree Top. This tree topper, showcasing baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph beneath a guiding star, serves as a beautiful reminder of the holiday's true significance. It's a splendid addition to your festive decor, celebrating the essence of the season.

Beautiful Bird Tree Toppers

Our collection of hand-painted and glittered tree toppers extends the festive cheer with a nod to the natural world. Adorn your tree's highest bough with the enchanting Owl Tree Top or the vibrant Cardinal Tree Topper. Each piece, crafted with time-honored techniques from the 1800s, captures the beauty of these birds in stunning detail, bringing the serenity of nature right into your home.

Explore Other Ornaments from Old World Christmas

At Old World Christmas, we offer an incredible selection of blown-glass ornaments so you can decorate your entire tree. Each ornament is carefully crafted and painted with vibrant colors to brighten up any Christmas tree. With so many themes to choose from, you can find the best ornaments to go with your tree topper. Check out our Santa ornament collection or Snowman ornaments for a whimsical look. We also have Nativity and Holy Family ornaments, as well as Angel ornaments. You’ll also find Christmas ornaments in tons of other themes, from animals and nature to toys and fairytales. Visit today to start shopping for Christmas ornaments and tree toppers, including closeout sales!

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