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Spread joy, warmth and a little bit of whimsy with Ornamental Greetings. Individually packaged holiday card features beloved Old World Christmas ornaments. Beautifully detailed with embossed lettering, foil and glitter treatments. Back panel includes inside sentiments.


About Our Greeting Cards

Send Season's Greetings with Love

Sending Christmas greeting cards to friends and family is a joyful holiday tradition. You can write a bit about your year. Or simply sign it with love and wishes for a happy new year under printed sentiments. These cards are a great way to let loved ones know that you’re thinking of them during the holidays.

Choosing cards can sometimes be a challenge. You might not find the perfect cards for loved ones in stores. Or you might be looking for something other than the usual classic Christmas cards.

At Old World Christmas, we make it easy to choose cards for friends and family. Our collection of holiday cards features outstanding print quality. We also have a variety of designs and themes to choose from. Each card includes embossed lettering and glitter and foil treatments for an eye-catching look that everyone in your life will love.

Featuring Old World Christmas Favorites

Need Christmas card ideas? How about cards that feature some of our most cherished ornaments? Old World Christmas has a reputation for making exceptionally beautiful blown-glass ornaments. That comes from the 19th-century techniques we use to craft each one. Our Christmas ornaments have a vintage look that adds charm to all Christmas trees.

We’re also known for our whimsical collection of ornament themes and designs. You’ll find traditional gingerbread houses and Santas, along with pickles, surfboards, and other unique designs. That variety helps people find ornaments that fit their interests.

Our Christmas card collection centers around our beloved ornaments. Love our best-selling Mac and Cheese ornament? Or our collection of drink-themed ornaments? Our Christmas cards have featured these designs before.

Keep in mind that our collection changes. One of our new designs is our famed pickleball Santa. This cheerful card is ideal for a playful Christmas card to send to loved ones. Check back often to see what other cards we have in store this year!

Heartfelt Sentiments for Friends and Family

All of our Christmas greeting cards come with printed sentiments. You can always add your own or sign your name below our printed words. Looking for a message of love and peace to send to friends and family this season? Some of our cards have sentiments in this tone.

These heartfelt sentiments include wishes for a happy holiday season and new year. Some have a light-hearted tone. One of our cards featuring Santa in a sleigh includes “ho-ho-ho lot of happiness.” Our reindeer ornament card wishes “a Christmas season that sparkles with wonder and happiness.”

Browse our cards to find the best sentiments for people in your life. The holiday season is always a wonderful time to bring joy to others with a thoughtful — and elegantly designed — Christmas card.

Humorous Holiday Cards

Christmas greeting cards don’t have to be serious. Some people prefer sending cards with a humorous tone. These kinds of cards can add joy and bring a smile to a loved one’s face during the busy holiday season. If you’ve got loved ones who appreciate a good laugh, Old World Christmas has the perfect cards!

Our new pickleball card includes “clink, dink, and be merry” for the avid pickleball players in your life. Our snowman card features the classic holiday line “let it snow” followed by “somewhere else” — ideal for those who don’t enjoy a freezing, blustery Christmas.

 Some of our cards have tongue-in-cheek humor, like our Mac and cheese card with “this might sound cheesy” on the front. No matter what kind of sense of humor friends and family members have, you can find the right card in our collection.

Personalize Your Christmas Cards

Each Christmas card includes printed sentiments. But you always have the option to write some of your own. The inside of our Christmas cards give you plenty of room. Have a lot to say in your card? Or just want to include simple words for a great Christmas and New Year?

You can easily personalize your cards. Just write your message on the inside in the space under our printed words. Or take up an entire blank side writing your thoughts for loved ones. Your words and our preprinted sentiments will be sure to warm their hearts.

Shop for Christmas Cards Online

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. With so much running around to do, you might not have time to shop for cards in person. Or you might discover that the card section is already picked over, giving you less to choose from.

Shop for Christmas cards online with Old World Christmas. You can take your time browsing through our card selection, then make your purchase from the comfort of your home. No running from store to store. No braving the cold — or going out in snowy or icy conditions.

Grab a mug of hot cocoa, curl up next to your Christmas tree, and shop online for holiday cards from Old World Christmas!

Find the Perfect Greeting Card and Decorations for the Season

Our Christmas greeting cards are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to festive products. We also have a huge selection of blown-glass Christmas ornaments, with each being handcrafted and painted by hand.

Pair an ornament with a matching card as a special gift. Or shop our closeout deals for your own home. From traditional ornaments to practical accessories and decorative displays, we have all kinds of items to browse for your personal Christmas collection.

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