Our mission with Ginger Cottages is to deliver unique, high-quality, wood ornaments centered around Christmas memories. Each cottage is hand assembled and is guaranteed to excite and fascinate your family. We closely guard the sanctity of making memories, and hope that our products will fill you with the warmth of good times, past and present.


About Our Cottages

Wooden Christmas Village, Cottage, & House Ornaments

Give your Christmas tree a warm and inviting look with our expertly crafted wooden Christmas village houses and gingerbread cottage ornaments!

About Our Wooden Christmas Village and House Ornaments

Gingerbread houses and Christmas villages are cherished holiday traditions that bring warmth and whimsy to the season. With our versatile house ornament collection, you have the delightful option to showcase these festive scenes right on your tree or create a charming tabletop or mantel display.

Each piece is a marvel of design, featuring laser-cut wood that reveals hidden secrets and scenes when illuminated. By simply inserting a light into the hole at the bottom, these ornaments come to life, casting a warm glow and creating uniquely themed displays that capture the essence of the holidays.

Old World Christmas offers tons of ginger cottage and house ornaments in various styles and themes. Create Santa’s wonderland, give your tree a whimsical fairytale touch, or decorate with a quaint, travel-themed train set. These wooden Christmas village houses can add a warm touch to your tree this season.

Santa-Themed Christmas Village Ornaments

Bring the North Pole to your living room with Santa house ornaments. Santa’s Workshop is where the magic happens, and toys are lovingly crafted for children worldwide. There’s also Santa’s Magic Castle Ornament, featuring a gingerbread man and Santa himself in a brightly colored castle.

Santa’s wonderland wouldn’t be complete without Santa’s Reindeer Barn and Santa’s Sleigh Station, where Rudolph and the other reindeer wait to take flight on Christmas Eve. A ski lodge, post office, and snowflake factory also had North Pole charm to any tree.

Fun Fairytale and Food Ginger Cottage Ornaments

Christmas village houses aren’t just regular homes and the usual businesses. At Old World Christmas, we offer magical house Christmas ornaments, like our Elf Cottage and Hansel and Gretyl Gingerbread Ornament. These laser cut, handcrafted ornaments come in vivid colors to liven up your tree.

Gingerbread is a delicious part of the holiday season, so why not make it a decorative theme for your tree? We offer ginger cottage ornaments with tasty food themes, such as the Goody Goody Gum Drop Shop, Peppermint Twist Pretzel, and Claus Cafe Coffee Shop. We’ve even got a Crab Shack Ornament as part of our Christmas village ornaments.

All Aboard! Train-Themed Ornaments

From the All Aboard Train Depot to Santa’s Choo Choo Caboose, give your tree a train theme this holiday season. Old World Christmas offers some great train-themed ornaments with our collection of Christmas village houses. There’s Santa’s NP Express Tender and Santa’s NP Express Box Car, to name just a couple.

Alpine-Themed Ornaments for Old World Charm

At Old World Christmas, you can bring a European village into your home. Our house ornament collection includes an Alpine Time Clock Shoppe, Tannenbaum Toboggan Co., and much more.

Find More Christmas Ornaments at Old World Christmas

From amusement park rides to wedding chapels and nativity scenes, we’ve got more holiday themes to choose from in our collection of ginger cottage and Christmas village houses. We also have several other ornament themes, including food and drinks, music, sports, and so much more. Shop closeout deals and check out our other holiday ornaments at Old World Christmas today!

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