Military Ornaments: Honor and Commemorate Our Country’s Patriots

Like many of you, Old World Christmas is proud of the generous sacrifice men, women, and their families make, and have made, for our country. Active military and military veterans deserve respect and honor, and the best way we know how to show it is with ornaments. Celebrating Veteran’s this month, we thought a military and patriotic-ornament round up would be a great way to honor those who served and who are currently serving. We have multiple ornaments for every branch of the military as well as thoughtful, supportive ornaments, patriotic ornaments, and fan-wear ornaments supporting the military schools. 


We have a special hat representing each branch in the military, plus a cap for Veterans. The camouflaged fatigue Army Patrol cap is a simple, but poignant reminder of the important, daily tasks soldiers do to protect civilians and our country. The intricate gold emblem on the Coast Guard cap pops against the solid navy blue coloring. A hint of sparkle on the brim makes it stand out on the tree. The classic crisp, white Navy cap celebrates every sailor on the sea, and looks sharp against the deep green of a needled branch. The white and black Marine Cap is iconically recognized for the amphibious global operations the Marine’s conduct. Hang one up to honor the Marine in your life. The smart and savvy blue Air Force service cap features a black brim in signature Air Force Blue. For a more casual look, the dedicated fan might opt for the Army Beanie ornament or rival Navy hoodie or Air Force beanie ornament (all part of our collegiate ornament collection).


Our military and patriotic ornament collection is also represented with a few animals. A fan favorite are the adorable teddy bears dressed in uniform. The Marine bear looks sharp, and adorable, dressed in his decorated black jacket and white slacks. Anchors aweigh to the saluting Navy bear! Safe journey on the open water. The Green Beret-wearing Army bear salutes to the love of unity and love of country. The soaring bald eagle, the United State’s national bird, and the symbol of freedom, is represented by two Christmas ornaments. Both the eagle in flight and the bald eagle ornament inspire and commemorate any military veteran. We have an ornament representing both the republican and democratic political parties. 

Patriotic Christmas

We have a few patriotic ornaments that mix the best of the military and Christmas. Our favorite is Camo Santa. His warm jacket is camouflaged, but we hope he doesn’t go unnoticed or under appreciated. We also love the Support Our Troops ornament: a festive Christmas tree wrapped in a signature yellow-ribbon garland and dotted with sparkling gold dots. The saluting snow man decked out in all-things American adds friendly flair to a glittering Christmas tree. We have other ornaments highlighting the American flag. The God Bless America heart, the Statue of Liberty ornament, Uncle Sam’s tall top hat, and the Star-Spangled Banner herself, aren’t explicitly military ornaments, but they add a devoted twinkle to the Christmas tree. 

Thank you to the troops and veterans, and your families, for your service and sacrifice from Old World Christmas. We are thankful, and proud to celebrate you on Veteran’s Day with our wonderful mouth-blown Christmas ornaments. Honor the troops and veterans with a special military Christmas ornament today. 

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Rachael Mitchell

Rachael Mitchell is a freelance writer based in Seattle, Washington, and has over 15 years of writing experience. She’d never be able to pick just one favorite ornament, but narrowed it down to the S’more and Tennis Ball. She always looks forward to s’mores in the summer with friends and family adding gourmet ingredients, and played 4 years of college tennis in the mid-west.


Still waiting to see perfume bottle ornaments.
Another suggestion. Flowers.

Marie Walsh

Looking for a First Christmas together military ornament. This couple, Felix and Ellie both graduated from West Point in May 2020 . Both completed Jump School and then Ranger School (Ellie is the 65th woman to complete it) and recently completed Air Assault School and very recently married. I want a First Christmas together ornament for them but I want an Army military theme for their first Christmas together ornament. Any recommendations? Thanks, Joan Domin Hentges Major Retired, Army Nurse Corp


I was hoping to find:
1. police & detective ornaments
2. men at desk positions ornaments

Sharon Williams

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