Monochromatic Christmas Tree DIY: A Step-by-Step Guide

Occasionally the same-old feels bland and introducing something new spices up the status quo. Though we love a beautiful Christmas tree we completely support changing it up and a monochromatic Christmas tree will be a hot Christmas trend in 2023. But how do you pull it off if, for the last 20 years, your Christmas tree has always looked the same? We’re here to help. One of the ingenious ways to search for Christmas ornaments on the brand-new Old World Christmas website is by color. Brilliant! Whether you prefer classic white, silver, or hot pink, a monochromatic theme can reinvent your “same old” Christmas tree into something magical.

Step 1: Choose Your Color Scheme

The first step in creating a monochromatic Christmas tree is selecting your color scheme. Monochromatic doesn't mean you have to stick to just one shade; it means choosing a single color family and using various shades and tones within that family. Popular choices include:

1. Classic White and Silver: A timeless and sophisticated combination that evokes a snowy winter scene.

2. Chic Black and Gold: For a modern and glamorous look that stands out.

3. Soft Blues and Silvers: Ideal for a tranquil, icy-themed tree.

4. Traditional Reds and Greens: If you want to maintain a classic Christmas feel with a twist.

5. Glamorous Pink: It’s been the hot color this year and a pink tree will make a memorable statement and cause quite a buzz. 

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

Once you've settled on your color scheme, gather your supplies. You'll need:

- A Christmas Tree: Artificial or real, choose the one that suits your preference and budget. Don’t be afraid to go big and get an artificial tree within your color scheme. 

- Ornaments: Collect a variety of ornaments in your chosen color palette, including balls, stars, and unique decorative pieces. Don’t forget to search our website by color or category! 

- Lights: White or color-coordinated Christmas lights to add a warm glow to your tree. If stores don’t carry the color you’re looking for, contact a local Christmas light installer to see if they can custom order exactly what you need.

- Tree Topper: Select a tree topper that complements your color scheme. Angels, stars, or bows work well, but your tree might demand something more memorable. A heart, a book, a rubber chicken, maybe?

- Tree Skirt: A tree skirt in your chosen colors will complete the look.

- Ribbon or Garlands: Optional, but they can add depth and texture to your tree.

Step 3: Prepare Your Tree

Before decorating, ensure the tree is properly set up and fluffed. If you're using an artificial tree, take the time to shape the branches and ensure they look natural. If you have a real tree, give it a good shake to remove any loose needles and make sure it's securely in its stand.

Step 4: Start with Lights

Begin by stringing the lights on your tree. Start from the top and work your way down, making sure the lights are evenly distributed. This will provide a beautiful foundation for your monochromatic theme.

Step 5: Add Ribbon or Garlands

If you've chosen to include ribbons or garlands, now is the time to add them. Drape them gracefully throughout the tree, following its natural shape. This will create depth and texture, enhancing the monochromatic effect.

Step 6: Hang Ornaments

Now comes the fun part—hanging the ornaments! Start with the larger, statement pieces like your tree topper. Then, work your way down the tree, placing the ornaments strategically. Distribute them evenly to create a balanced and visually pleasing display.

Step 7: Tree Skirt and Final Touches

Finally, place your tree skirt around the base of the tree. Make sure it matches your color scheme, as it will tie the whole look together. Stand back and admire your monochromatic masterpiece. If you feel like something's missing, consider adding some decorative picks, faux snow, or even a few well-placed bows to fill any gaps.

Creating a monochromatic Christmas tree is a wonderful way to infuse your holiday decor with elegance and style. With a well-thought-out color scheme and a little creativity, you can turn your tree into a stunning centerpiece that will leave your friends and family in awe. Adding to your collection of monochromatic ornaments can build year after year. So, this holiday season, embrace the beauty of simplicity and transform your home into a winter wonderland with your own DIY monochromatic Christmas tree.

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