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Because Old World Christmas is a Christmas company, we are privy to Santa’s summer plans. We know he had a good one. He relaxed in Barbados, Fiji, and the Maldives before regrouping, making lists, and a few repairs to his sleigh (the weather was dicey over Greenland last Christmas Eve). He’s back in the North Pole already strategizing for this year’s big push, and the elves are reorganizing the workshop and giddy with excitement. Our warehouse is in regular contact with Santa’s workshop, and we have it on good authority he ordered a few of our ornaments recently to remember his summer adventures. 

If Santa is remembering his perfect summer with Christmas ornaments, we recommend all of us should remember this summer’s best moments with ornaments too. We think we’ll never forget the beauty, the memories, and the places we stopped, but winter comes quickly and the cold and snow begins to cloud our warmer summer memories. So, the best way to combat the winter blues is with summer ornaments. And wait until you see our favorites. 

We Were Outside

We spent our summer outside, and we have so many outdoor ornaments, they’re divided into three categories: camping, garden, and lodge and lake. Don’t forget the sizzling bacon over the campfire before lazing the day away on the pontoon boat. Someone saw Sasquatch! We also spent time in the garden. We grew sunflowers, roses, tomatoes, and strawberries among the bees, butterflies, and garden gnomes. When everything was growing, we took weekend trips to the lake and stayed in the lake cabin. We saw a mama bear and cubs, we water skied, and went on a few hikes. 

We Were at the Beach

This summer we also hit the beach. There’s nothing like swimming in the ocean, searching for mermaids, and piling the whole family into the beach house for a week of sand, surf, and sunburns. We collected shells, spied a dolphin pod, and ate lobster. What a week!

We Were at National Parks

Others went on grand road trips, ticking off national park after national park, hiking, biking, and kayaking their way through each one. Ornaments of the iconic signs sparkle on the tree when the roads to the parks are snowed in and there are no visitors. Our national park ornaments help us relive our perfect summer memories. 

We Were Traveling 

Some of us went international. We renewed our passports, packed our suitcases, and headed for memorable destinations across the ocean. We made phone calls to Big Ben, spied a mummy at the pyramids, and ate some spaghetti at the leaning tower of Pisa. Traveling overseas is packed with sights and sounds that must be remembered with ornaments. 

Summer is a special time filled with family and friends, trips and time at home. It’s a time to relax and unwind, spend time with those we love, and see new places. Traveling allows us to see new places, engage in different cultures, and try new foods. Summer is a chance to grow, learn, and play, remembering each and every memory with a special ornament. 

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Written by

Rachael Mitchell

Rachael Mitchell is a freelance writer based in Seattle, Washington, and has over 15 years of writing experience. She’d never be able to pick just one favorite ornament, but narrowed it down to the S’more and Tennis Ball. She always looks forward to s’mores in the summer with friends and family adding gourmet ingredients, and played 4 years of college tennis in the mid-west.

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