The 2020 New Ornament Release

Just like the anticipation leading to Christmas or the glee finding and giving the perfect gift, revealing our 2020 ornament collection to you is loaded with excitement, hope and a dash of impatience. We work so hard to design relevant, memorable and celebratory Christmas ornaments each year that represent you, our valued customer. We hope you think of your friends and family members as you peruse our website. We want you to smile when you see the ornament that perfectly represents your crazy uncle. We want you to remember the cherished memories made on summer vacation. That embarrassing inside joke? Yep, we hope a certain ornament represents it perfectly without revealing too much. This release is extra exciting because of the unveiling of Ginger Cottages, available to you, directly from us, for the first time. The hidden surprises, sweet secrets and special nostalgia are illuminated from within with a tea light or Christmas tree light. This video introduces the magic behind the brand.

Ginger Cottage Ornaments

Old World Christmas decided that from the end of August through September we will release our new collection in small numbers so you won’t miss any. We are releasing the new 2020 ornaments in groups of about twenty ornaments and twenty Ginger Cottages at a time. We think that a few smaller releases is better than one giant release so you’ll be sure to spot all of your new favorites. 


One of our most-loved categories across the board is the animals. They’re cute, they’re tall and they’ve got warts and warthogs. Dogs are popular with both our hand-blown glass ornaments as well as with our Ginger Cottages collection. The new dogs in the 2020 ornament release include the pit bull pup, the black doodle dog and the puppy in the flower pot. Ginger Cottages features twenty-four different breeds, each one tucked into their own personalized dog house. And it’s not an actual dog, but in the spirit of dogs, the chili cheese dog is a fan favorite. 

Dog in a Flower Pot, Chili Dog and Baby Pitbull Ornament


We like the lifestyle category because so many of these ornaments are every-day details of life. Not like we eat cotton candy every day, but it’s so cute as an ornament. We’re confident there’s a person in your life who brings their own Sriracha out to eat, and another friend who spends the summer traveling in their motorhome. The 2020 ornament collection has ornaments for them and many others. 

Cotton Candy and Siracha Sauce ornaments

Ginger Cottages

Half of the GingerBoo! Collection has been released, and towards the end of September the complete collection will be on our website. GingerBoo! Is the fun and spooky line right in time for Halloween. An entire creepy village can be displayed complete with the Barn O’Bats, the Creepy Hollow and the Voodoo Shack. As soon as your GingerBoo! Village is packed up, then it’s time to set up the magical Christmas village made up of Drosselmeyer’s Nutcracker shop, the Gingerbread Cottage and the Peppermint Twist Pretzel Shop. The hunt is on in each Ginger Cottage piece for all the hidden surprises. Can you find them all?

Ginger Cottage Ornaments

2020 has been a wild ride however you slice it. Our most anticipated releases are already selling like crazy to our wholesale vendors. By November, our three Covid-19 ornaments will be available on our website, and these cannot be missed. Santa is masking up with a sparkle in his eyes, a commemorative roll of 2020 Toilet Paper will never run out, and our hands have never been cleaner with a few squirts of Hand Sanitizer. It’s a year that will be impossible to forget, but should be commemorated with one of these special ornaments. These three and the rest of the entire mid-year collection will be released by November, right in time for holiday shopping.

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Written by

Rachael Mitchell

Rachael Mitchell is a freelance writer based in Seattle, Washington, and has over 15 years of writing experience. She’d never be able to pick just one favorite ornament, but narrowed it down to the S’more and Tennis Ball. She always looks forward to s’mores in the summer with friends and family adding gourmet ingredients, and played 4 years of college tennis in the mid-west.


I am looking for a Santa with a face mask ornament. Do you or will you have one?
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