The Best Christmas Gifts for Athletes

Old World Christmas loves gift giving. We think it’s the best Christmas tradition, and though we have a Christmas ornament for literally any person, we realize that giving only ornaments every year becomes a bit predictable. So, for the best of both worlds we’ve created a gift guide for the athlete in your life, and in perfect Old World Christmas fashion, we’ve highlighted a few ornaments to go with the gifts because we couldn’t help ourselves. None of the items on our list are specific to any sports, but gear and recovery items and sports enthusiast would love. And, keep in mind if their favorite “sport” is watching their team win from the couch we have a huge collection of college ornaments. 


Assuming your favorite sports fanatic already has the racquets, shoes, balls, paddles, sticks, socks and bag they need, we’ve compiled a list of a few sports Christmas ornaments any athlete will love. These two items deal with stinky gear. We think shoe deodorizers and specialized performance laundry detergent will ensure your athlete’s clothes and shoes will be fresh when it’s game on. They might take a subtle hint, but with the running shoe, hockey skates or hiking boot ornament as a sparkling gift topper, they might take less offense. 

All athletes know saying properly fueled and hydrated is one key to peak performance. We think a simple way for a little boost is with a NutriBullet mini blender for on-the-go nutrition. And every athlete needs a water bottle or a replacement water bottle. We love the myriad of options both Hydro Flask and Yeti offer. You can’t go wrong with either! A bunch of bananas and a strawberry would be perfect to pair with this gift.

Electric bikes are all the rage, and becoming more common and popular. They’re not cheap, so a great gift for a biker (whether they’re powered by batteries or their legs) is a Kryptonite bike lock. They are heavy duty and provide peace of mind. We have a great bike ornament assortment to go with this gift. There’s a mountain bike, cruiser bike, road bike, stationary bike, a bike helmet, and though powered by a motor, biker Santa is a fan favorite every year. And, safety first: don’t forget your helmet.

Most athletes have a favorite pair of headphones already, but in case they need a new pair or an upgrade AirPod Pros are great, over-the-ear Apple Powerbeats, as well as Mifo wireless ear buds, and Bose Sports earbuds are all great choices for athletes who train hard and stay motivated by music. We have a great set of headphones that pairs well with everything.

To hold the essentials on the trail we think the Waterfly Hiking Waist Bag is great because of a zippered pouch for a snack, car keys and a phone, but also has room for a water bottle for hydration. This waist pack keeps your hands free and your back not weighed down by a hefty backpack. Naturally, all hikers love our backpacking ornament to go with this gift.


Every athlete (especially adult ones!) know the importance of recovery. There are many tools and gadgets that soothe sore muscles and aid with getting back on the court or field. Here are a few we think are great.

Theraguns look like torture, but the rapid-fire punching by a solid ball breaks up the lactic acid, and pinpoints a tight muscle. There’s even a mini size, travel version for on-the-road workouts. 

Hoka makes a footwear slide specific for recovery. Tired feet get relief from a wide and supportive footbed. It’s a lightweight slide heavy on comfort.

All athletes have a love-hate relationship with foam rolling. It’s great for tight muscles, but it hurts. The Trigger Point GRID foam roller strikes a good balance between a soft and comfortable outer layer and a firm and unrelenting core.

Another torturous-looking recovery tool for athletes is the Dr. Relief Acupuncture Mat. Probably not great to walk on, this mat, with strategically placed pressure points allows the body to relax and recover.

Whatever sport your favorite athlete competes in, you know we have an ornament for them. From tennis to football, lacrosse to baseball (and kayaking, curling, golf and more!) we have the best sports Christmas ornaments for all the athletes. 


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Written by

Rachael Mitchell

Rachael Mitchell is a freelance writer based in Seattle, Washington, and has over 15 years of writing experience. She’d never be able to pick just one favorite ornament, but narrowed it down to the S’more and Tennis Ball. She always looks forward to s’mores in the summer with friends and family adding gourmet ingredients, and played 4 years of college tennis in the mid-west.

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