The Year-Round “Holiday” Tree: Extending Celebration Throughout the Year

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, the concept of keeping the Christmas spirit alive year-round took center stage. You won’t hear any complaints from us! In the article, many Christmas tree lovers shared their ideas and inspiration for keeping the tree up all year long. A few admitted the tradition started out of laziness but morphed into an eye-catching way to celebrate holidays year-round. In the spirit of keeping the Christmas spirit present all year long, here are a few ways to participate.

The Inspiration Behind Year-Round Decorating

Portia Gorman, a renowned influencer in the realm of home décor, recently shared her insights on this trend. She emphasizes the emotional impact of maintaining a decorated Christmas tree throughout the year, suggesting that it not only fosters a continuous sense of joy but also provides an ever-changing visual focal point for the home. A live tree must be swapped for an artificial one, in fact, many people enjoy colorful tinsel trees in addition to faux evergreen trees. The idea is not to replace the traditional holiday tree but rather to augment it with creative themes and decorations tailored to each unique celebration or holiday.

 Holidays to Celebrate and Decorate For

1. Valentine's Day: Kick off the year with a burst of romance by adorning your tree with heart-shaped ornaments, cupid figurines, and red and pink ribbons. Consider incorporating fairy lights for a soft, romantic glow. A pink or white tinsel tree feeds the theme!

2. Easter: Embrace the vibrancy of spring by decorating your tree with pastel-colored eggs, bunny ornaments, and delicate floral accents. Hang small baskets filled with tiny Easter treats for an extra touch.

3. Independence Day: Celebrate the red, white, and blue by decorating your tree with patriotic ornaments, miniature flags, and twinkling lights. Consider using a tree topper in the shape of a star or a few American flags to symbolize the American spirit.

4. Halloween: Transform your tree into a spooky spectacle with black and orange decorations, ghostly figures, and strings of miniature pumpkin lights. Opt for dark, dramatic ornaments and cobweb-themed garlands for an eerie touch. A black tinsel tree adds to the drama. 

5. Thanksgiving: Express gratitude by decorating your tree with warm autumn hues, miniature pumpkins, and acorn ornaments. Incorporate rustic elements like burlap ribbons and wooden decorations for a cozy feel. The Thanksgiving tree can easily transition into a traditionally decorated Christmas tree with all your favorite Old World Christmas ornaments, lights, ribbons, and a topper. 


 Decorating Ideas for Year-Round Festivity

1. Theme-based Ornaments: Choose ornaments that align with each holiday's theme. For example, heart-shaped ornaments for Valentine's Day, mini flags for Independence Day, and spooky decorations for Halloween.

2. Color Palette Coordination: Adjust the color scheme of your tree to match each holiday. Soft pastels for Easter, patriotic red, white, and blue for Independence Day, and warm earthy tones for Thanksgiving. Our website makes it easy to search by color!

3. Versatile Tree Topper: Invest in a versatile tree topper that can be adapted to different occasions. Consider a customizable topper that can be switched out or modified to suit each holiday.

4. Seasonal Garlands: Swap out traditional tinsel for holiday-specific garlands. Floral garlands for spring, autumn leaves for Thanksgiving, and black and orange garlands for Halloween can add a thematic touch.

The trend of decorating a Christmas tree for every holiday is a fun way to infuse your home with year-round festivity. By embracing diverse themes and creative decorations, you can turn your Christmas tree into a symbol of perpetual celebration, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living space. So, let the joy continue beyond December, and make every day a special occasion with your uniquely adorned holiday tree.

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It’s so much fun to have ornaments for any and all occasions! Thank you and please keep it up!

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