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You Can’t Imitate The Real Thing

In a world of copycats, there’s only one Old World Christmas. We are proud of the quality and creativity our ornaments and Ginger Cottages represent. Sometimes we have ideas and designs that are so popular other companies take notice. And though we are flattered that our designs are getting copied and imitated (after all, copying is the highest form of flattery!), we want to ensure our customers always know they are getting the real thing.

This summer, our designer had the foresight and innovation to design three of the most popular ornaments we’ve ever sold: the Santa with his mask, dated toilet paper and glittering hand sanitizer to commemorate the wild ride of 2020. It is no surprise that other companies sprang to life to copy what we created, and we want to remind you there is nothing like the original.

We often get the question how do I know if my Old World Christmas ornament an original?  Here’s how you can make sure that you’re getting the real thing:

  • One way to ensure to you are getting the real thing is to know the price for our masked Santa COVID ornament is $27.99. The dated toilet paper ornament is $14.99, and the hand sanitizer ornament is $19.99.
  • We don’t offer seasonal sales on these pieces and neither do our retailers.
  • This price will be the same online and in our preferred retailer’s shops.
  • Be aware of deep discounts or cheaply painted ornaments made of ceramic and plastic.
  • Do some research on the seller. We have an incredible network of dealers. We have a comprehensive dealer locator on our website which is your best way to ensure you’re purchasing an authentic Old World Christmas ornament.
  • Look for the “OWC” branded charm hanging from the hook for each ornament.

Don’t get duped with second best or cheap imitations. Ensure the quality and creativity of Old World Christmas makes it on your tree this year.

If you ever have any doubt or questions you can always reach out to our team. We’re here to help!
November 23, 2020 by Joe Murphy

Written by

Joe Murphy


Sandra Gentry

Sandra Gentry said:

Does Santa ornament come in the old World box

Sidney Levesque

Sidney Levesque said:

Your masked Santa Christmas 2020 ornament is literally the only thing making me happy right now. Thank you!!!


Joe said:

Is the Santa a glass ornament?

Heidi Danielson

Heidi Danielson said:

I received your Face Masked Santa and it is a beautiful ornament. I’ve ordered 2 and am ordering another as a gift.
They are a special remembrance of our challenging Covid year. Our family tradition is that our ornaments tell a story of our lives. Every year I buy an ornament or two to capture highlights …this year is a lowlight but memorable with no exception! This hard time in our lives must be remembered.
Thank you for a new beautiful ornament for our tree this year.

Susan Hine

Susan Hine said:

Love every ornament I have bought this year for Christmas. I bought one for all my friends and family members. They have all been so happy because they are so personalized for their loves and interests.❤️

Marlo Dolezal

Marlo Dolezal said:

Will more of the 2020 Santa with mask be produced? Will we be able to get in early 2021?

Thank you,

Gloria Ajie

Gloria Ajie said:

I love your 2020 ornaments beautiful

Ann Barry

Ann Barry said:

I was duped on Amazon. Sent them back immediately! As soon as I saw it I KNEW it wasn’t one of the Old World Ornaments because I have loved every single one I have gotten. I should have looked at the seller, but they put that it was and “Old World” ornament. Ugh

Kathryn Scott

Kathryn Scott said:

Great selection

Catherine Stepalavich

Catherine Stepalavich said:

I am so thrilled with my face masked Santa 2020. One day my grandchildren and hopefully then my great grandchildren will be inspired to learn of this once in a century pandemic when they see him on their tree years from now. Thank you making Santa beautiful, non threatening but very interesting. I love the sparkle in his eyes.

Je'Neanne Love

Je'Neanne Love said:

Where is the toilet paper roll ornament


Clara said:

I ordered the Santa with mask and the roll of TP. I had to wait till they came back in stock so was only now able to order. I was wondering are they made of real glass?

Charlene F Banta

Charlene F Banta said:

My adult daughter had ordered an ornament on-line but was sooooooooooo disappointed when it arrived. So I searched and found Old World Christmas. I found the beautiful Chicken (Hen) that she had wanted. I purchased it and want to thank you for the nice quality. Now I’ll purchase an owl for one granddaughter and a dog for the other. An elk and bear for my grandsons. (they live in the foothills of Mt Rainer, in the woods.) I love the selection you have. Thank you…………..


Sonia said:

Can I purchase a Santa with the mask ornament

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