Celestial & Star Ornaments

With our celestial Christmas ornaments, you can reach for the stars, explore planets and meet the man in the moon.  Even rainbows are no longer out of reach. Each of our beautifully crafted star Christmas ornaments brings a little slice of the heavens to your Christmas tree.  Make a wish on a shooting star ornament or let a UFO drop off your gifts! It's time to take Christmas out of this world! We have religious Christmas ornaments for every occasion.


About Our Celestial & Star Ornaments

Celestial & Star Christmas Ornaments

Embrace the wonder of the cosmos this Christmas with Old World Christmas celestial ornaments. Our collection captures the magic of the night sky, transforming your tree into a celestial spectacle. Adorn your branches with everything from the gentle glow of crescent moons to the majestic beauty of Jupiter, complete with its iconic red spot. Our range extends to the timeless elegance of classic star ornaments and the pioneering spirit of the Space Shuttle. Discover these heavenly treasures and let your Christmas tree sparkle with the allure of the stars

Star Light, Star Bright

Celebrate the timeless elegance of Christmas with Old World Christmas traditional star ornaments. Our radiant star ornament, a true masterpiece, is ideal for gracing the top of your tree, adding a touch of celestial splendor. For those seeking a more subtle charm, our mini star ornaments are perfect for scattering a gentle twinkle throughout your Christmas tree. For a unique twist, explore our enchanting moon and star ornaments, each piece a fusion of celestial charm and festive joy, crafted in luminous metallics. Or, embrace the vibrant hues of the season with our poinsettia ornament, a flourish of rich reds and lush greens, bringing a touch of nature's beauty to your festive gathering.

Space Is the Place

For those enchanted by the mysteries of the cosmos or who simply revel in the splendor of the universe, Old World Christmas presents an array of space-themed ornaments to elevate your holiday decor. Beyond the traditional Christmas star ornament, our collection includes a tribute to the modern observatory, a piece that's sure to captivate and charm your guests. Complement this with our NASA Earth ornament for a festive and radiant touch. If you're drawn to the natural beauty of the solar system, our meticulously crafted Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Earth ornaments are perfect for creating a galaxy-themed tree that's out of this world.

Dancing in the Moonlight

Dancing in the Moonlight is more than a Boffalongo song … it’s also a great way to describe some of our lovely choices in celestial ornaments. Mister Moon is here to comfort sleepy little ones while they wait for Santa Claus to pay his annual visit, while mini moons will peek from between the boughs of your Tanenbaum. Make a collection of them to go along with your mini stars and bring cohesion to the entire tree, or nestle them into a wreath on your front door for a unique take on greenery.

Celebrate the Sky

Our rainbow ornament captures the essence of the daytime sky, showcasing brilliant colors cradled in a nest of whimsical clouds. Each vibrant stripe is delicately outlined with matching glitter, accentuating the seamless transition of hues. To complete this celestial display, consider pairing it with our jeweled sun Ornament. Imagine it as the radiant light piercing through clouds, giving life to the splendid rainbow that adorns another branch of your tree!

Unmatched and Timeless Quality

Experience the unmatched charm of Old World Christmas ornaments, crafted through a centuries-old process where glass is expertly blown into molds and infused with liquid silver for an inner radiance. Each piece is meticulously hand-painted and sprinkled with a touch of glitter, making our celestial ornaments a cherished favorite. Explore these exquisite selections or discover unique treasures in our web specials. Wishing you a joyous and Merry Christmas from all of us!

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