Corgi Christmas Ornaments

Celebrate the adorable charm of corgis with Old World Christmas Corgi Christmas ornaments. These meticulously crafted ornaments capture the lovable nature of these furry friends, making them a delightful addition to any holiday decor. Explore the collection at Old World Christmas and honor your corgi companion this Christmas season.


About Our Corgi Christmas Ornaments


Calling all dog lovers! These ones are especially for you, Corgi lovers. We don’t know if it’s their adorable, short legs, their sweet faces, or their adorable personalities, but there’s something about Corgis that just dares you not to love them. If you’ve ever had or loved a Corgi, we know you know what we mean. These petite dogs are overflowing with personality, love, and cute puppy quirks.

What better way to honor the Corgis in your life than with Corgi Christmas ornaments?


Just like humans, Corgis have distinct and individualized personalities, preferences, and quirks. Whatever your Corgi is like, we have an ornament that can perfectly capture their spirit. Have a proper, well-behaved Corgi? We have an ornament for that. Have a fashionista dog that loves getting dressed up in ugly Christmas sweaters? We’ve got you covered. Is your Corgi’s favorite pastime curling up for a long winter’s nap? We’ve got that ornament, too.

Our collection features hand-blown and painted ornaments that truly capture the sweet and unique personalities of these boisterous little pups.


Don’t fear, animal lovers. Our Corgi collection is just the beginning when it comes to our animal themed Christmas ornaments. In addition to Corgi Christmas ornaments, we have a broad selection of dog ornaments, representing breeds from the tiniest Dachshund to the biggest retriever, and everything in between.

And we’d never forget our cat lovers! With more than two dozen cat ornaments, you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to represent all of the beloved cats in your life. It doesn’t stop there, either. Our vast collection of animal ornaments encompasses almost every animal you can imagine, from birds to fish and marine life, to horses and more, we’ve got a little bit of everything. Whether your favorite animals live on a farm, in your home, at the zoo, or out in the wild, Old World Christmas has an ornament that can perfectly represent the love between you and your favorite animals.

Be sure to check out our Corgi ornaments, animal ornaments, and more, including personalized Christmas ornaments, and Christmas ornaments of all shapes, sizes, and varieties. Happy Shopping!

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