Cross Ornaments

As a symbol of sacrifice and the redemptive power of Christ, the cross is held in high esteem by Christians around the world. It signifies the precious gift of faith. Hang Old World Christmas cross ornaments on your Christmas tree as a reminder of the reason for the season. Each Cross Christmas ornament is made from blown glass and is hand painted to create the ultimate addition to your tree and religious Christmas ornament collection.   


About Our Cross Ornaments

Celebrate the Season

Christmas is a cherished time to gather with family, reflect on the year's memories, and exchange gifts with those we hold dear. At Old World Christmas, we offer ornaments that encapsulate all the joys and sentiments of the season, from favorite destinations and beloved pets to treasured foods and memories. 

Yet, amidst the festive excitement, it's vital to remember the profound significance of Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Jesus. Our beautiful cross ornaments serve as a gentle reminder of this sacred miracle.

A cross Christmas ornament serves as a reminder of the miracle of Christmas, marking the birth of Jesus. It brings to mind the cherished story of the baby born in the manger, the wise men's visit, and the community's heartfelt rejoicing. For those steeped in the traditions of Christmas, cross ornaments for the Christmas tree are more than mere decorations; they symbolize the profound essence of the season. Complement these with our angel Christmas ornaments to enhance the celebration of the Christmas spirit or to memorialize a family member or loved one you’re missing this holiday season

Keep your faith with our beautiful selection of church ornaments. Explore our elegant to whimsical church ornaments, ranging from sparkling cathedrals to playful gingerbread houses. And don't forget to extend the celebration to Easter with our themed ornaments, creatively adorning your Christmas or springtime Easter tree. With Old World Christmas, the possibilities are endless, and the connection to the true meaning of the season is always at heart.

More Than Just Christmas

Our Christmas ornaments are more than just pretty pieces that hang on a tree. They are steeped with symbolism and tradition, they carry personal meaning for every family that orders them. Consider starting a heartfelt tradition of gifting new Christmas ornaments each year as a way to celebrate another cherished year together. With our personalized Christmas ornaments, you have the opportunity to make each piece truly unique, customizing it to reflect the specific details and characteristics of your friend, family member, or loved one.

Traditional Holidays Start Here

Crafted with love from hand-blown glass and meticulously painted, our ornaments preserve a time-honored method of ornament-making that has been cherished for over a century. The result is a collection of beautiful, unique ornaments thoughtfully designed with your family's traditions in mind.

Whether you select from our Christmas-themed ornaments, Easter ornaments, or any of our carefully curated themed ornaments, you'll create a beautifully adorned Christmas tree to share with friends and family for generations. Explore our collection today to discover your next unique ornaments and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $75. 

With Old World Christmas, your cross ornaments for the Christmas tree and other treasured decorations are just a click away.

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