Dog Christmas Ornaments

Bark-bark! You can’t forget to put man’s best friend on the tree! Honor your dog this year and for years to come with a dog Christmas ornaments. With them being a key part of your family putting a dog ornament on your tree is the perfect thing! We have all the most popular breeds crafted out of blown glass to give you the best quality ornaments. We have both holiday themed and playful dog ornaments that everyone will love. Got a cat in your life too? Check out our great selection of cat ornaments as well.


About Our Dog Christmas Ornaments

Holiday & Christmas Dog & Puppy Ornaments

Pay tribute to the furry friends who bring joy to your life with handcrafted dog ornaments this holiday season.

About Our Holiday Dog Ornaments

Dogs fill our lives with love and companionship, so why not honor them with an ornament or two — or more — from Old World Christmas? We have a wide selection of dog Christmas ornaments, whether you’re looking for a specific breed or a fun-themed ornament. From celebrating your dog’s first Christmas to decorating with common dog symbols, like biscuits and paw prints, we have many to choose from for your tree.

Find Your Dog’s Breed

Old World Christmas pays homage to the cherished canine companions that grace many homes. Our range of ornaments features well-loved breeds such as the loyal golden retriever, the friendly black lab, and the spirited corgi. Each hand-painted ornament plays tribute to these familiar and adored pets, capturing their warmth and character.

For those with a special fondness for the unique charm of mixed breeds, our collection does not disappoint. Discover the delightful Irish Doodle Ornament and the cheerful Black Doodle Dog Ornament among our eclectic mix. These pieces celebrate the individuality and quirkiness of mixed breed dogs, each with its own story and personality.

Our ornament gallery also extends to the less common but equally enchanting breeds. Admire the plush coat of the Samoyed or the sleek grace of the Havanese through our carefully crafted ornaments. Whether it's the realistic depiction of the dogs themselves or a doghouse bearing the breed's name, these ornaments are a testament to the diverse world of canine breeds.

Bring Christmas Cheer with Holiday Dog Ornaments

Looking for something more festive for your pup?  Our blown-glass ornament collection features Christmas-themed dog and puppy designs. Delight in the whimsy of Santa’s Dog Sled Ornament with a jolly Saint Nick guided by a duo of merry canines. Additionally, our breed-specific ornaments are adorned with festive attire, from charming hats to cozy scarves, adding a touch of yuletide spirit to each piece.

Choose From a Wide Range of Dog Symbols

Sometimes, it’s fun to decorate with items that make us think of our furry friends. At Old World Christmas, we have several of these dog Christmas ornaments, which are ideal if you have mixed breeds and can’t find ornaments that look like them. We have a Doggy Treats Ornament, a Cone of Shame Dog Ornament, a Dog Collar Ornament, and much more. Choose a few of these to celebrate your pets this season.

Celebrate with a Dogs First Christmas Ornament

If this is your first Christmas with your pet, we have the perfect dog ornaments for you. Our I Love My Dog Ornament makes a great dog's first Christmas ornament that shows how much you care for your furry friend. If you also have cats, we have a Raining Cats and Dogs ornament that’s ideal for feline and canine companions.

Browse Our Other Christmas Ornaments and More at Old World Christmas

Interested in finding other kinds of Christmas ornaments for your tree or to celebrate other holidays and special occasions? Old World Christmas has a ton of other themes, whether you want a specific one or a mix of themes. We’ve got school-themed ornaments, game-themed ornaments, nature ornaments, and much more. We also have ornaments for many other occasions, such as Valentine’s Day and Easter. Explore our full collection of ornaments to find the perfect addition for your home's festive decor.

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