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Cheerleader Ornament


Go! Fight! Win! Cheerleaders have been supporting their favorite athletes and leading fans since 1898. Student, Johnny Campbell assembled a group of people to energize the team and the crowd in hopes of changing the team's losing streak. It worked and now cheerleading is a sport of its own!
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Soccer Mom Minivan Ornament

$24.99 $12.49

The phrase, "soccer mom" generally refers to a married, American, middle-class woman who lives in the suburbs and has school-age children. She is often busy or overburdened and driving a minivan or SUV and is frequently found cheering on her children at sporting events.
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Pickleball Mrs. Claus Ornament


Pickleball is a great recreational activity for all ages! The sport has become increasingly popular across the globe and has even captured the attention of North Pole citizens! Mrs. Claus has awakened her competitive spirit and is the current pickleball champ of the North Pole!
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Christmas Ornaments for Women

At Old World Christmas, we have a selection of handcrafted ornaments that are perfect for the women in your life. Whether she loves gardening, horseback riding, or crafting, we’ve got you covered. 


Perfectly Pampered Women’s Ornaments

Everyone loves to be pampered every now and then. At Old World Christmas, we have the perfect Christmas ornaments for all the ladies who love getting dolled up. From nail polish to blow dryers to makeup kits and more, these Christmas ornaments are ideal for any woman who is craving a spa day (just don’t forget to get her a gift card to a real spa, too!)


For Gardeners and Outdoorsy Gals

For anyone looking for an outdoor themed Christmas ornament for their wife, mom, or grandmother, you’ll find what you need above. Whether she spends her day in cowboy boots on the farm or is out harvesting fresh tomatoes from the garden, our handmade ornaments reflect her hobbies perfectly. 


Christmas Ornaments for Moms

We can’t talk about Christmas ornaments for women without talking about some of the most important women in our lives: moms. Whether you are a mom, have a mom, are married to a mom, or just know a mom - our mom-themed ornaments show appreciation for all of the unseen work moms do. From handling homeschooling during the pandemic to shuttling the kids from soccer to scouts, the hard work of moms is often forgotten. Remind her that you see how much she does for the family with a minivan ornament or #1 Mom ornament. And of course, we can’t forget about Grandma. We have a special glass heart ornament just for Grandma. 


Discover More Ornaments for Her at Old World Christmas

Old World Christmas makes it easy to shop for Christmas ornaments for women, no matter what their interests are. In addition to some of our favorite ornaments seen above, we also offer an assortment of natural Christmas ornaments that are perfect for anyone who loves birding or wildlife, and sports ornaments for women ranging from cheer to golf and everything in between. She’ll also love our special occasion ornaments to represent her favorite holidays and anniversaries of important events. Shop our entire collection of Christmas ornaments today to find the perfect addition to your Christmas tree! 

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