Add a dash of sweetness to your holiday decor with Old World Christmas MARS WRIGLEY licensed ornaments. These whimsical ornaments feature beloved characters like M&M'S and SNICKERS, capturing the fun and joy of these iconic treats. Explore the collection at Old World Christmas and satisfy your holiday cravings with these delightful ornaments.


About Our MARS WRIGLEY Ornaments

Sweet Celebrations with MARS WRIGLEY Ornaments

Among America's cherished candies, the iconic M&M’S candy brand stands out. At Old World Christmas, we're thrilled to bring the joy of M&M’S candy to your holiday decorations through our exclusive licensing partnership with MARS WRIGLEY.

Our hand-painted M&M’S branded Christmas ornaments are designed to rekindle fond memories of sharing these candies during the holidays or finding packages of M&M’S candy tucked into Christmas stockings.

Explore our collection of other MARS WRIGLEY branded Christmas ornaments including SKITTLES, STARBURST, SNICKERS, TWIX, MILKY WAY, and 3 MUSKETEERS to add a touch of sweetness to your festive celebrations.

Whatever your favorite MARS WRIGLEY candy preference, we’ve got an ornament to celebrate it. These artfully painted, hand blown ornaments are so detailed they look just like the real thing. So lifelike are these ornaments that you might be tempted to take a bite! (Though we must remind you our ornaments are made of glass and are for admiration, not tasting.)

These unique and whimsical Christmas ornaments are a great way to celebrate your love of your favorite candies, honor Christmas memories of your youth, or give to a sweet someone in your life.

One Delicious Christmas

At Old World Christmas, we've partnered with some of the nation's most cherished snack and treat brands to craft a delightful array of ornaments. From the savory crunch of Doritos ornaments to the sweet nostalgia of Hostess Christmas ornaments, our collection is a feast for the eyes.

For those who hold a special place in their hearts for homemade holiday delights, we offer a rich assortment of dessert and candy ornaments featuring seasonal favorites like s'mores, gingerbread, and a medley of cookies.

With our blend of licensed Christmas ornaments, food-themed decorations, and personalized Christmas ornaments, your Christmas tree can become a visual smorgasbord, celebrating the delectable joys of the season. Explore our collection today, and let your tree reflect the sweet and savory traditions that make Christmas truly delicious.

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