Nativity & Holy Family Ornaments

The birth of Jesus is the reason for the Christmas celebration and it is the pinnacle of the Old World Christmas ornament line.  Every item in this Holy Family & Nativity Christmas ornament collection is hand crafted in an age-old tradition using the same techniques that originated in the 1800's. Be sure to include these essential nativity ornaments on your Christmas tree and in your religious Christmas ornament collection! We also have a full collection of angel ornaments that will pair with these!


About Our Nativity & Holy Family Ornaments

Nativity & Holy Family Ornaments

Our Nativity and Holy Family ornament collection at Old World Christmas invites you to embrace the true essence of the holiday season. These ornaments are more than just decorations; they are a tribute to the cherished story that lies at the heart of Christmas.

Classic Old World Nativity Ornaments

Every year on Christmas, families, friends, and communities all over the world come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Our Holy Family & Nativity Christmas ornament collection keeps the “reason for the season” front and center. Here, you’ll find a dazzling selection of ornaments honoring beloved figures like the Virgin Mary, Holy Family, and Three Wise Men. Each keepsake Nativity ornament and Holy Family ornament has been lovingly and meticulously brought to life using traditional European techniques dating back to the 19th century.

Whether you’re shopping for a single ornament to add to your growing collection or you’re decorating an entire themed tree from scratch, our Holy Family & Nativity Christmas ornaments are sure to add character and charm to your holidays.

Away in a Manger Ornaments

When we commemorate the birth of Jesus, we marvel that he was laid in a manger because there was no room in “the inn.” Our collection of Nativity & Holy Family Christmas ornaments pay homage to his origins in that fabled stable. Choose ornaments depicting special scenes and places, such as our Ginger Nativity, Nativity Chapel, and Baby Jesus in Manger ornaments.

While Jesus’s beginnings may have been humble, our exquisitely hand-blown and hand-painted ornaments are anything but basic. Every time you hang one on the tree, you’ll have a radiant reminder to revisit the Nativity story and what it means to you.

Our Favorite Furry Friends

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph weren’t alone in that stable on Christmas morning. In addition to the company of the Three Wise Men and the Virgin Mary, they were surrounded by a bevy of barn animals. You’ll find sweet representations of these creatures with ornaments like our Sheep, Sheep with Lamb, and Magi’s Camel.

Prefer a more symbolic representation? Our deeply meaningful Lion and Lamb ornament speaks to the hope for peace promised by Jesus’s return to earth.

Nativity Collections and Treetoppers

Searching for an all-in-one collection of stunning Nativity ornaments? Comprising our Harkening Angel, Christmas Star, 3 Wise Men, Shepherds, Holy Family, Royal Camel, Donkey, Sheep, and Cow figurines, our Nativity Ornaments Collection will elicit oohs and ahhs every time you unpack the keepsake box.

And don’t forget about one of the most important elements of your tree—the topper. There’s no better embodiment of the phrase “crowning glory” than our glistening, glittering Nativity Tree Top.

Explore More Ornaments from Old World Christmas

Christmas is a time for traditions, and that’s what we set out to capture with our extraordinary collection of exquisite ornaments here at Old World Christmas. Not only are all of our Christmas ornaments hand-blown and hand-painted but they’re also treated with a silver solution for optimal shine and color.

Be sure to check out all of our ornaments, including our oh-so-affordable web specials. In addition to ornaments for your personal collection, we’re also your go-to source for wonderful gifts for friends, family, teachers, caregivers, and other loved ones. We can’t think of a better way to spread joy and cheer this holiday season than with a unique and thoughtful gift.

To start stocking up on timeless holiday decorations, Christmas gifts, and more, visit Old World Christmas today.

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