Owl Christmas Ornaments

Hoot-hoot! Owls are very distinctive birds and are perfect for your Christmas tree. We have all of your favorite owls made into hand crafted ornaments. Our glass blown owl ornaments will leave your tree in wonder as the animals do in the wild. Whether it’s a barn owl or a great white owl, we’ve got the owl ornament for you.


About Our Owl Christmas Ornaments


What is it about owls that makes them seem so majestic and wise? Maybe it’s their knowing eyes. Or maybe it’s their observant mannerisms. In any case, there’s something about owls that sets them apart from the rest of their bird counterparts.

Whether you’ve had a pet owl, love visiting them in the zoo, or are lucky enough to have wild owls grace your property, so many of us have a love and appreciation for these unique creatures. Why not give them a place on your Christmas tree with some Old World Christmas owl Christmas ornaments?


We carry ornaments representing different species and varieties of owls common to the United States, including the pygmy owl, barn owl, great white owl, and spotted owl. For something a little more whimsical, check out our owl tree topper, Santa owl ornaments, Christmas owl ornament, and Owl in Moon ornament.

Whichever you choose, you’re sure to have a hoot decorating your tree with these quirky and stylish owl ornaments.


These distinctive birds can add character, charm, and personality to any Christmas tree. Our hand-blown and painted ornaments expertly capture the spirit of these beloved creatures in each piece we create. We use age-old traditional techniques dating back to the 1800s to create ornaments that are classic, nostalgic, and beautifully traditional.

When you choose an ornament from Old World Christmas, you know you’re choosing a product steeped in tradition, held to the highest quality standards, and designed with you and your unique memories and favorites in mind.


Our owl ornaments represent just a tiny percentage of the ornaments available at Old World Christmas. We pride ourselves on offering designs and styles that work for everyone, and every situation. Our Christmas ornaments span endless varieties, including woodland ornaments, animal ornaments of all shapes and sizes, beach and vacation ornaments, and so much more. We even offer a collection of personalized Christmas ornaments!

Browse our vast collection today to find the ornaments that represent your best memories, your favorite people and places, and the promise of everything still to come. With Old World Christmas, your tree can become a beautiful representation of all of the most important things in you and your family’s lives.

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