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Mini Garden Ornament Set


Our Mini Garden Set makes an adorable gift for all the gardeners in your life! Each collectible set includes six miniature blown-glass ornaments, each hand-painted & glittered by artisans. These Christmas ornaments come packaged in a printed Old World Christmas gift box, which works well for storage. The miniature figurine set includes: Ladybug, Butterfly, Bumble Bee, Sunflower, Pink Pansy and Purple Pansy ornaments. The Mini Garden Set is cute enough to keep around your house all year 'round!
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Why Choose Pink Christmas Ornaments?

While pink ornaments offer a more feminine look, they can also be used to achieve the vintage Christmas you admire from decades passed. Pink ornaments, like our Pink Ribbon with Roses, can also be symbolic of raising awareness for certain diseases, causes, and organizations.

Pink ornaments also make the perfect color base for creating a magical Christmas tree for children. Just imagine how their little faces will light up seeing a pink Flamingo Christmas Ornament perched next to the pink Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament or Cotton Candy Ornament! If you have a baby girl making her way into your family, a pink Baby Ornament is a perfect way to celebrate this life-changing milestone.

Pink ornaments pair well with a variety of other traditional and modern Christmas colors. For instance, pink ornaments look wonderful with traditional Gold Ornaments, Green Ornaments, Red Ornaments, and Silver Ornaments. For a more animated color scheme, pink Christmas ornaments pair beautifully with Blue Ornaments and White Ornaments!


What Does Pink Symbolize?

Pink is a popular color symbolic of attributes like being sweet, nice, playful, charming, affectionate, peaceful, harmony, inner peace, and love. If you are creating a pink Christmas tree for your child, you can add more meaning to the event by explaining the symbolic meaning behind all of their beloved pink ornaments. Who knows, maybe they will pass these handmade pink ornaments down to their children one day and share the same wisdom you once shared with them–in true Christmas spirit! Pink ornaments are also a good way to show breast cancer awareness. 


Shop Old World Christmas Today!

No matter what kind of feeling you want your pink Christmas ornaments to create, Old World Christmas has the best selection of pink ornaments to make your vision come to life–and that’s not all! Here, you will also find the best selection of over 1,500 classic and Personalized Christmas Ornaments to make your heart melt and your tree shine. Shop our entire collection of Dog Ornaments, Cat Ornaments, Nutcracker Ornaments, Angel Christmas Ornaments, and more to find the best ornaments for everyone on your list!

Don’t see the perfect ornament for your tree, or do you have a specific ornament idea you’d love to give to someone? Our Custom Christmas Ornaments program is the best way to create a never-before-seen ornament idea to your tree. Shop Old World Christmas today to find the perfectly pink Christmas tree ornaments, or contact us today to start designing your one-of-a-kind ornaments!

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