Santa Ornaments

Santa is an iconic symbol of Christmas, and that's why Santa Christmas ornaments have become so popular. Santa Claus ornaments come in many shapes and sizes, but all of them capture the jolly round personality of the character we all associate with snow, reindeer and presents. Old World Christmas has a large collection, and you won't want to miss these glass Santa ornaments this Ho-Ho-Holiday!


About Our Santa Ornaments

Holiday & Christmas Santa Claus Ornaments

Celebrate the season with a Christmas icon on your tree with our specially made, blown-glass Santa ornaments.

About Our Santa Ornaments

Santa ornaments embody the spirit of Christmas, capturing the joy and generosity that the festive season brings. These timeless decorations are cherished by those who hold the holiday's traditions close to their hearts, regardless of age. From nostalgic Santa designs to modern-day Santas, Old World Christmas features a wide selection of Santa Claus ornaments. 

Every Santa ornament is made of high-quality glass that’s hand-blown and painted with eye-catching colors. Whether you’re decorating your own tree or looking for Santa ornaments to give as gifts, we’ve got an impressive selection.

Traditional and Vintage Santa Claus Ornaments

From songs and stories to decorations and toys, Santa is everywhere during the holiday season. Many of these show Santa in traditional designs with a red suit. At Old World Christmas, we offer many traditional and vintage Santa ornaments in bright, hand-painted colors. All of our ornaments feature the finest quality craftsmanship based on techniques from the 19th Century.


Our Santa Claus ornament collection includes the Believe Santa Ornament, that’s perfect for all ages. We also have a Santa with Wreath Ornament and a Santa Checking His List Ornament. Our other traditional Santa ornaments feature this beloved Christmas figure hanging out with animal friends, sitting in his sleigh, and carrying a tree on his shoulder. We even have a Norman Rockwell Iconic Santa Ornament for a truly vintage look.

Cultural Santa Ornaments

Santa is a common symbol of the Christmas season in many parts of the world. That’s why we offer a Santa Claus ornament collection that includes several cultures. Our Irish Santa Ornament features Santa dressed all in green instead of the usual red, while our Highland Santa Ornament has a kilt and set of bagpipes. We’ve also got a Nordic Santa Ornament, Jolly African American Santa Ornament, and Papa Noel Ornament.

Fun and Festive Santa Ornaments

After a whirlwind of delivering presents across the globe, even Santa deserves a moment of leisure. Imagine him trading his sleigh for a paddle with our whimsical Santa In Kayak Ornament, or picture him unwinding in the bubbly comfort of our Santa’s Hot Tub Ornament. Our collection offers a playful twist on the classic Santa theme, featuring the jolly old elf in a variety of off-duty escapades, from carving down slopes as a Snowboarding Santa to teeing off with our Golfing Santa Ornament. Add a dash of Santa's post-holiday adventures to your festive decor!

Santa in Modern Times

Santa ornaments don’t have to be traditional. At Old World Christmas, our handcrafted ornaments might have a vintage look, but they’re not always vintage-themed. Check out our laptop-themed Virtual Friends Ornament or Santa’s AI Bot Ornament to give your tree a more futuristic or modern-themed look for the season.

Check Out Our Other Christmas Ornaments at Old World Christmas

While Santa is a central symbol of Christmas, almost anything can serve as an ornamental theme. That’s what you’ll find when you browse our collection of Christmas ornaments at Old World Christmas, including licensed products, occupation-themed ornaments, and transportation Christmas ornaments. Check out our closeout deals today to find the ideal ornaments for gift-giving this holiday season or for your own tree!

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