White Christmas Ornaments

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, Old World Christmas offers a stunning collection of handcrafted Christmas Ornaments in all shades of white to choose from. No matter what your design theme or intended aesthetic, our heartwarming collection of over 1,500 mouth-blown glass ornaments is sure to blow you away. 

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About Our White Christmas Ornaments


The beauty of white Christmas ornaments is that they add an elegant touch to any holiday decor. With their ability to harmonize with a multitude of color schemes, they fill your tree with a timeless beauty without compromising your desired aesthetic. For those who have embraced the charm of a white Christmas tree, our white ornaments will only enhance its allure.

Do you fear a tree full of white ornaments is monotonous? Don’t! We offer a variety of shades from snow white, pearl, linen to seashell and beige. Concerned about personality? Our collection of white ornaments includes several characterful designs, ranging from cute and cuddly dog and Cat Ornaments to beloved Sports Ornaments and much more, ensuring that your tree radiates charm and individuality.


White—a color that encapsulates innocence, safety, faith, humility, and new beginnings. This inherently positive hue also invites mental clarity and feelings of renewal—sentiments that perfectly encapsulate the holiday spirit. By incorporating various shades of white into your Christmas decor, you're not just setting up ornaments; you're creating a space that radiates positivity, peace, and a sense of fresh beginnings.


For over 40 years, Old World Christmas has made it simple to find the most meaningful white Christmas ornaments for your tree. In addition to our white Christmas tree ornaments, we are proud to have designed over 1,500 handcrafted, mouth-blown ornaments intended to celebrate all of life’s special occasions, beloved pets, and popular Christmas themes with Angel Christmas Ornaments and Nutcracker Ornaments, along with delightfully contrasting Black Christmas Ornaments for your tree.

We're not just about providing ornaments; but rather the memories they’ll create.  That's why, if you feel that the perfect ornament is yet to be created, we invite you to participate in our Custom Christmas Ornaments. We’re proud to offer a custom Christmas ornament program that allows you to design the perfect ornament the way you envision it. Contact us today to get started.

Shop Old World Christmas today and embrace the joy of the season with the perfect white ornaments. Discover the best ornament for every person on your list, and let's make this Christmas an unforgettable one!

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