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Chef's Hat Ornament


A chef s hat is also known as a toque. Chefs began wearing these hats to blend in with the monks, by wearing similar shaped hats, as they sought refuge in the monasteries. Chefs were being persecuted for their creativity. The hats have remained a symbol of the profession.
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Cappuccino Ornament


Today we know this lovely drink as double espresso, hot milk & foam; yet it only became popular outside Italy in the 1930s, when it was served in cafes in Austria & Germany. The name is inspired by Capuchin friars due to the color of their red-brown robes, as well as their hoods (aka, little cappuccio ).
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Chef's Coat Ornament


This double-breasted cotton jacket is reversible to hide stains & has knotted cloth buttons to survive frequent laundering. Marie-Antoine Careme developed the current chef's uniform in the mid-19th century. "Chef's whites" also includes the toque blanche & black/white hound's-tooth pants. White represents cleanliness. Bon appetit!
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Why Choose White Ornaments?

There are plenty of reasons to adorn your tree with white Christmas ornaments. White ornaments effortlessly match most Christmas tree color schemes, allowing you to fill your tree with even more beauty and meaning without sacrificing your intended look. If you have a white Christmas tree, white Christmas ornaments will only enhance its beauty within your space.  White Christmas ornaments can also give off the perfect white Christmas look on your tree or around the house! White Christmas ornaments also look great with pink ornaments, blue Christmas ornaments, and green Christmas ornaments

If you’re worried that a tree full of white ornaments will look too uniform–don’t be! We offer several shades of white Christmas ornaments, from snow white, pearl, cream, linen, seashell, beige, and more. Or, maybe you’re worried that an overabundance of white ball ornaments will lack character. We can help with that, too! Our collection of white ornaments includes a unique mixture of Dog Ornaments and Cat Ornaments, Personalized Christmas Ornaments, Sports Ornaments, and more.


What Does White Symbolize?

If you would like to attach a deeper meaning to your Christmas decor, incorporating shades of white is certainly one way to achieve that. The color white is known as an inherently positive color, associated with innocence, safety, faith and spirituality, humility, goodness, and successful beginnings. As if that weren’t enough, it’s often said that shades of white can help promote mental clarity and feelings of cleansing and renewal. What more could you want during the holiday season?


Shop Old World Christmas Today!

For over 40 years, Old World Christmas has made it simple to find the most meaningful white Christmas ornaments for your tree. In addition to our white Christmas tree ornaments, we are proud to have designed over 1,500 handcrafted, mouth-blown ornaments intended to celebrate all of life’s special occasions, beloved pets, and popular Christmas themes with Angel Christmas Ornaments and Nutcracker Ornaments.

Around here, we work hard to ensure you have the most symbolic Christmas ornaments for your tree or to gift away to friends and family. If you feel like your perfect ornament has yet to be made, we have the ideal solution: Custom Christmas Ornaments! We’re proud to offer a custom Christmas ornament program that allows you to design the perfect ornament the way you envision it. Contact us today to get started!

Shop Old World Christmas today to find the perfect shades of white Christmas ornaments for your tree and to find the best ornaments for every person on your list!

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