Thanksgiving Ornaments

No matter what you are thankful for; family, friends, food. Thanksgiving is the day to stop and remember what we are thankful for.  Our Thanksgiving Christmas ornaments are a great way to say I’m thankful for you.  Be sure you finish off your Thanksgiving ornament collection with some delicious dessert and candy ornaments.


About Our Thanksgiving Ornaments

Get the Holiday Season Started

Everyone knows that the holiday season really kicks off with Thanksgiving. The end of the calendar year is synonymous with shortened days, cooler temperatures, time with family, and all of the festivities that come with the seemingly never-ending fun of winter holidays.

The air is fresh with pumpkin-scented treats, and Christmas shopping is well-underway as families across America gather to celebrate one another, give thanks, and kick off the“Most wonderful time of the year.” While Christmas may be the pinnacle of the holiday season, Thanksgiving is the undisputed kick-off.

Why not commemorate the entire spirit of the holiday season, by including some Thanksgiving tree ornaments on your holiday tree?

Gifts, Gratitude, and Festive Decor

Created with traditional, tried and true, European techniques, our Thanksgiving ornaments are handcrafted and steeped in age-old tradition. In fact, we continue to use the same techniques that have been used to create Christmas ornaments since the 1800s.

This makes our selection of Thanksgiving ornaments ideal not only for trimming your own tree, but also for giving as gifts to your friends, family, and loved ones. From festive ornaments of seasonal pumpkins and apple baskets, to mouth-watering replicas of Thanksgiving dinner favorites, like turkey, pumpkin pie, and more, we have an ornament to perfectly memorialize all of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions, as we head into the Christmas season.

Traditions Start Here

Our company prides itself on offering hand-painted and hand-blown Christmas and Thanksgiving ornaments, crafted using traditional techniques and materials. The results are stunning, high-quality, one-of-a-kind ornaments that stir up nostalgia, while helping to create new holiday memories for you and your family.

Thanksgiving ornaments are merely the beginning of our extensive collection. With thousands of Christmas ornaments spanning an array of categories, personalizing your tree to echo your family's cherished values and moments has never been easier. Beyond our elegant Thanksgiving pieces, we proudly showcase a vast assortment of Christmas-themed ornaments. But our offerings don't stop there; explore our unique selections, from Halloween ornaments, food ornaments, and even dessert ornaments.

Select from a combination of traditional, non-traditional, playful, and downright quirky ornaments to create a combination of ornaments that not only makes your tree look beautiful, but ensures you have the most unique decorations on the block.

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