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Hostess Ornaments

Celebrate the sweet treats and beloved brands of Hostess with Old World Christmas Hostess licensed ornaments. These delightful ornaments will bring a touch of nostalgia and whimsy to your Christmas tree.

Cupcakes, Twinkies & ding-dongs oh my!

Continental Baking to Hostess

From the pantry to your social media feeds, Hostess Brands has a long, delicious history of making lives a little more joyful. Their treasured treats have been captivating legions of fans for over a century.

The company first opened its business and gained a national audience from its base of operations in Kansas City, Missouri in 1919. The company, known as Continental Baking at the time, wanted to start a line of sweet treats in addition to their popular bread. In 1919 they launched the original Hostess® CupCake which had no squiggle icing or crème filling.