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5 Angel Ornaments You'll Adore

Angels aren’t just for treetops.

This season, decorate your tree with angel ornaments for a heavenly effect that will light up the whole room. These celestial beings, known as messengers from God, offer a comforting presence while radiating beauty and elegance. Angels also played an important role in the birth of Jesus by announcing His coming to the world.

Whether you’re looking to fill your own tree with cheer or give the perfect gift, these angel ornaments will brighten anyone’s Christmas tree.

Here you’ll find our 5 favorite angel ornaments below:

  1. Baby Angel Ornament

 Baby angel Christmas ornament

Good things come in small packages, including baby angels who adorn your tree. With hands together in prayer, you’ll smile each time you see this tiny cherub dangling from your Christmas tree. This ornament is a perfect baby’s first Christmas gift to new parents.

Price: $11.99

  1. Glistening Snowflake Angel 

Glistening snowflake angel ornament

Enjoy the beauty of this snowflake-carrying angel. With her winter hues and glittering gold hair, this angel will spark joy for anyone who sees her in the midst of a cold wintery day. Present this golden-haired angel to your real-life angel who brings you love and joy. 

Price: $19.99

  1. Kecia - Great Joy Angel

Angel of joy Christmas ornament  

This angel is named Kecia, which means “great joy” in English. Bring a bounty of joy to your family when you hang this sweet angel on your tree each Christmas season. If you’re looking to expand your angel ornaments collection, this piece is a joyous addition.

Price: $19.99

  1. Irish Angel Ornament

Irish angel Christmas ornament

Angels represent purity, peace, and love. This one brings with it a little bit of Irish luck, too. Add some Irish cheer to your Christmas tree with this gorgeous glass angel ornament. Or, give this ornament to your favorite Irish relative who would appreciate adding even more greenery to their Christmas tree.

Price: $19.99

  1. Guardian Angel Ornament

Guardian angel Christmas Ornament

This precious angel will grace your tree while protecting your home and looking over your family. Just as this glass angel ornament wraps its arms around two children, it will embrace your family in protection and love. Place this ornament on your own tree, and offer it as a gift to others who you wish safety and love upon.  

Price: $24.99

Angel Ornaments are the Perfect Gift

No matter the size of your current angel Christmas ornaments collection, there’s always room for one more. Add any one of our angel ornaments for additional Christmas tree cheer. We know you’ll feel blessed as you decorate your home with these beautiful glass angel ornaments each year.

If your tree is already overflowing with angelic beauty, gift an angel to a beloved relative or friend.

Looking to add even more majestic beauty to your tree? Check out our gorgeous 9-piece nativity ornaments collection.

Which ornament do you love the most? Share in the comments below!

December 12, 2018 by Doug Lauer
Tags: ornaments


Jo Ann Roussey

Jo Ann Roussey said:

I have been collecting these ornaments since in 1990’s and love them! We buy one every year for our children and they enjoy them also. Years ago I bought the Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol ornaments and other ’Birgit’s Christmas Collection’ ornaments. Love, love, love them! My tree looks fabulous, shiny and bright. Please do another series, maybe ‘A Christmas Story’ with Ralphie and the leg lamp, haha. Seriously, it would be a best seller…

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