The Most-Loved Ornaments of 2021

We’ve ripped off the last pages of our calendars, and started fresh with 2022. Much of the past two years we’d rather just leave in the past with a couple exceptions: our ornaments. We love them to the moon and back! It was a great year for Christmas ornaments, and we’re excited to share some of the top performers in 2021.


Let’s focus on our furry and feathered friends. They were a bright spot during some dark years, and our customers loved the animal ornaments too. Our songbirds, specifically the cherry-red northern cardinal ornament always sells well, and this year was no exception. We recommend bird ornaments for beautifully decorated Christmas trees, and we have a large assortment of bird ornaments to choose from. The beautiful monarch butterfly ornament sold well again in 2021, and adds a hopeful and inspirational flight to the Christmas tree. Two hairy creatures crept to the top of the best sellers list this year: the sloth and Sasquatch (and Christmas Sasquatch too!). These quiet creepers are cute additions to the tree!

Let’s Eat & Chill

We could see a slight nudge from popular travel destinations as best sellers to more of a “stay at home and eat” vibe with 2021’s best selling ornaments. Maybe Covid-19 has induced a lot of pickle eating, because there were multiple pickles on the 2021 best-sellers list. The most popular was the regular pickle ornament and the second was the miniature gurken (totes adorbs!). Instead of pickle eating, there may have been more pickle hiding due to a popular tradition of hiding a pickle ornament on the Christmas tree each year, and the person who discovers the pickle gets a gift. The mini gurken would be a tricky one to find. On the food list is the sophisticated and the not-quite-sophisticated with the avocado toast ornament and ranch dressing ornament. We won’t tell if the avocado toast lover tops their tasty lunch with a squirt of ranch. A new ornament to our top sellers in 2021 reflected more of the “chill” part of the last couple years in the video game controller ornament


Even though our ornaments made the experience brighter with humor, we’re sad that the pandemic has effected us all in the first place. And again in 2021, our Covid-19 related Christmas ornaments were on the best-sellers list. Vaccinated Santa and Santa with a face mask have sold well since the beginning, and we think Santa’s twinkling, smiling eyes give a hopeful vision towards the future. Hopefully the future will be maskless, and a popular ornament this year was Santa revealed, smiling and holding his mask. Two cultural phenomenons showed were reflected in our Covid-19 ornaments as well. The first was a masked senator Bernie Sanders with his famous knitted mittens. We decorated him with a string of lights to give him some Christmas flair, and we think he looks fabulous in ornament form. Our customers did too. The second cultural phenomenon was toilet paper. We ran out of it, hoarded it, rationed it, and talked about it, so we couldn’t help ourselves, we had to commemorate the great run on toilet paper with an ornament. 


We are proud of our 2021 best-sellers list. A lot of hard work goes into each ornament from concept, design, production, to packing and shipping. We’re so proud that our loyal customers come back for more of our beautiful ornaments each year, and we hope some of our favorite ornaments this year made it on your tree! 

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Written by

Rachael Mitchell

Rachael Mitchell is a freelance writer based in Seattle, Washington, and has over 15 years of writing experience. She’d never be able to pick just one favorite ornament, but narrowed it down to the S’more and Tennis Ball. She always looks forward to s’mores in the summer with friends and family adding gourmet ingredients, and played 4 years of college tennis in the mid-west.

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