Bird Christmas Tree Ornaments

Old World Christmas offers the best selection of glass Bird ornaments for your Christmas tree. Our inventory includes all shapes and sizes of clip on and hanging bird ornaments. Whether or not you're a bird lover, this beautiful collection will make your tree vibrant with the life and colors of the woodland. All of our Christmas ornaments are also available on our wholesale Christmas ornaments store.


About Our Bird Christmas Tree Ornaments

Birds of a Feather

There’s something about birds that just seems to bring a sense of peace, freedom, and whimsy to any situation. Perhaps it’s their presence in our everyday lives. Perhaps it’s their ability to fly, gliding so gracefully from the sky, leaving us all to wonder what our world looks like from a bird’s eye view. Or perhaps, it’s because some birds have special meanings, connecting us to special people in our lives, from the past, or the present.

Whatever the reason, at Old World Christmas, we’re proud to offer over 100 types of bird Christmas ornaments that are hand-blown, hand-painted, and created with your family and your unique traditions in mind. From hanging ornaments, to clip-on bird ornaments, and from owls to cardinals to other favorite bird types, we’ve got something for every bird lover.

Start a New Tradition

One of the joys of decorating the Christmas tree is the opportunity for each family member to reminisce about their ornament collection and remember when they received each ornament, and who presented it to them.

If your family has a bird, likes to birdwatch, or just enjoys the understated elegance of birds, why not start a new tradition, by giving each family member new Christmas tree bird ornaments every year. You can choose birds that represent the unique personalities of your family members, birds in their favorite colors, or even memorable birds that have had some kind of significance in the year leading up to Christmas.

Additionally, many people believe that when a cardinal appears in your yard or close to you, it’s a beloved, departed family member stopping by to check in on you and let you know they’re still with you. If you’ve lost a loved one, hanging a cardinal Christmas ornament is a subtle yet beautiful way to remember them and ensure they’re always with you, throughout the holiday season.

Create a Menagerie

While our Christmas tree bird ornaments are stunning, colorful, and eye-catching, they’re far from the only ornaments we offer. If you’re an animal-loving family, lean into this theme, and trim your tree with our menagerie of available animal ornaments.

In addition to traditional Christmas ornaments and personalized ornaments, we offer a huge variety of animal-inspired ornaments. Honor your family dog with one of our dog ornaments, celebrate time spent on a farm with farm ornaments, or simply show your appreciation for all of nature’s creatures by trimming your tree with owl ornaments and other animal ornaments. Check out our collections at Old World Christmas today and start planning your next holiday tree.

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