Beach Christmas Ornaments

Commemorate your favorite seaside vacation with our collection of beach-themed Christmas ornaments!


About Our Beach Christmas Ornaments


Don't let the memories of sun-kissed skin, playful waves, and sandy toes fade away with the end of your beach vacation. From vibrant flip flops and beach bags, to delightful sea creatures, classic seashells, and even our unique sea glass ornaments, we've crafted the perfect ornament to capture your perfect summer getaway.

Transform your Christmas tree into a tropical winter haven with our colorful assortment of beach and ocean-themed ornaments. Or, why not keep your beach-themed tree up all year round as a constant tribute to your favorite spot to unwind, take a dip, or ride the waves.


Our beach-themed Christmas ornaments are just a glimpse of the variety we offer. We have Christmas ornaments of every kind, each one meticulously hand-blown and painted. Combine different collections and styles for a Christmas tree that is vibrant, classic, and uniquely yours.

Alongside our beach-themed ornaments, we offer a range of animal ornaments, woodland ornaments, and even the option to create personalized Christmas ornaments. With Old World Christmas, the possibilities truly are endless!


At Old World Christmas, we take pride in preserving time-honored techniques and traditions. Start a new family tradition with our beach-themed Christmas ornaments. Each year you vacation at the beach, select the perfect beach ornament to commemorate your trip. In no time, you'll have a tree adorned with ornaments that not only look stunning but also fill your home with cherished memories of past vacations and the anticipation of more to come.

Purchase a beach ornament for yourself, a family member, friend, or loved one as a tangible reminder of joyful times by the sea, as you gather together, creating new memories around the tree. Explore our collections today to find your perfect vacation ornaments, sea glass ornaments, and seaside ornaments, allowing you to keep a piece of summer with you all year round. For an extra special touch, consider our personalization options, enabling you to make every ornament uniquely yours, just like your favorite summer vacations.

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