Beer, Coffee & More Beverage Christmas Ornaments

Your Christmas tree is looking thirsty! Whatever you love to drink we have it here. For the earlier riser get a coffee Christmas ornament. For an afternoon delight get an iced tea or lemonade ornament. Or for the late night drinker get wine, cocktail, or beer Christmas ornament. Old World Christmas has crafted the perfect Christmas ornaments for your favorite drinks from blown glass and vibrant colors. Our Beer Ornaments and Coffee Ornaments are some of our best sellers coming in a variety of designs and sizes. If your tree needs something to snack on, we have dessert and candy ornaments too!


About Our Beer, Coffee & More Beverage Christmas Ornaments

Drink Christmas Ornaments: Beer, Coffee, & More

At Old World Christmas, we understand that the joy of the holiday season often intertwines with the pleasure of savoring your favorite beverages. That's why we've curated a delightful array of beverage-themed Christmas ornaments, ensuring that every sip and every memory finds a special place on your tree.

Christmas Ornaments for Wine and Beer Lovers

For many, Christmas is the pinnacle of holiday celebrations, and what better way to enhance this festive spirit than with a nod to your favorite drinks? At Old World Christmas, we take pride in offering an exceptional selection of Christmas decorations, and our beer- and wine-themed ornaments are no exception. They perfectly encapsulate the joy and merriment of the season.

Our collection features a whimsical array of wind and beer ornaments, from the playful Coors Light Six Pack beer ornament and Miller Light Baseball Cap to the elegant Red Wine Bottle and Rose Wine ornaments. Additionally, our unique Christmas ornament drinking glasses add a touch of sophistication and festive cheer to your tree 

Make It a Cocktail-Themed Christmas

Love a good Pina Colada, Mimosa, Whiskey Sour, or Tequila Shot? We’ve hand-crafted radiant representations of each—along with many other classic cocktails. (Did someone say “Eggnog”?) Hand-blown, hand-painted and treated with a silver finish for exceptional shine and color, our cocktail-inspired ornaments are the dazzling definition of “merry and bright.” Pick your favorite for a seasonal shot of fun, or collect them all for a themed tree like no other.

Deck Your Tree with Classic Holidays Drink Ornaments

At Old World Christmas, we believe in celebrating the festive season with everyone in mind. For those who prefer non-alcoholic delights, our collection offers a charming array of "dry" ornaments. From the delightful Milkshake to the whimsical Santa Seltzer and the charming Hot Cocoa ornament, our selection is designed to bring joy and whimsy to all ages. These charming pieces are more than just decorations; they're timeless treasures that promise to enchant both the young and the young at heart for many Christmases to come.

Coffee Christmas Ornaments and More

We’ve got a pretty good feeling that caffeine keeps Santa running (and jolly) on Christmas Eve, which is just one of many reasons to love our collection of coffee-inspired and tea-themed Christmas ornaments.

From our colorful Cup of Tea and joyful Holly Teapot ornaments to our glistening Coffee to Go ornament and stylish Blended Coffee ornaments, these festive favorites are also guaranteed crowd-pleasers at Secret Santa gift exchanges and White Elephant parties. And we challenge you to find a more adorable ornament than our happy Boba Tea!

Toast the New Year with Festive Ornaments

At Old World Christmas, we understand that December's festivities extend beyond Christmas. As we eagerly anticipate the joy and promise of the new year, our exquisite collection of champagne-themed ornaments is here to elevate your celebrations. These sparkling treasures, perfect for the most dazzling night of the year, add a touch of elegance and shine to any occasion, capturing the essence of festive cheer and new beginnings.

Find More Exquisite Hand-Blown Christmas Ornaments

Seeking to add an extra dash of magic to your festive season? Discover the enchanting world of Old World Christmas, where extraordinary hand-blown and hand-painted ornaments await to bring more sparkle to your celebrations. Beyond our captivating themed collections, don't miss the opportunity to explore our web specials

At Old World Christmas, you'll find irresistible deals on keepsake ornaments that are sure to become cherished treasures in your holiday collection. Dive into our dazzling array today and let the spirit of the season shine brighter!

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