Farm Christmas Ornaments

It doesn’t matter if you grew up on a farm or just visited a couple of times when you were a kid,  everyone loves the idea of a farm. Old World Christmas tries to capture those feelings with our farm animals collection. If it can oink, moo, or cock-a-doodle-doo you will find it in this wonderful collection of farm Christmas ornaments.


About Our Farm Christmas Ornaments

Truly American

Before the emergence of major cities and urban epicenters, America was a vast expanse of farmland. Our earliest ancestors learned to grow, harvest, and prepare their own foods, construct their own homes, and survive off what the land had to offer. Colorful collections of crops dotted our horizons, as hardworking farmers and their families spent long days harvesting and providing for themselves and their communities.

Today, much of our beautiful country is still comprised of farmland. Not only are the rolling hills and sprawling fields beautiful to look at, but they also still provide us with the foods and materials we need to lead a comfortable life. Why not celebrate the beauty and necessity of farms, and the animals that inhabit them, on your Christmas tree?

Truly Traditional

Whether you yourself are a farmer, your family owned a farm growing up, or you simply enjoy the peace and beauty of spending time on a farm, we have an ornament to represent your appreciation for farms and farm animals. From our majestic horse ornaments, to our colorful rooster ornaments, to our playful chicken coop ornament, we’ve got the perfect piece with which to pay subtle homage to all things farming, at Christmas, or year-round.

For many, a rite of passage into fall is visiting a local farm for hayrides, apple picking, eating cider donuts, and other fall festivities. Why not choose an ornament that represents your favorite local farm, so that you and your family can reminisce about the fun times you’ve spent together on farms every time you place your farm ornaments on the tree.

Quintessentially Christmas

Embrace the timeless charm of the festive season with our farm animal Christmas ornaments. Discover delightful farm animals, from pigs donning Santa hats to donkeys adorned with Christmas wreaths, all capturing the essence of holiday cheer.

Venture further into our collection and uncover a diverse range of animal Christmas ornaments. From the majestic allure of our horse Christmas ornaments to the delicate beauty of bird Christmas ornaments, there's a piece that resonates with every animal lover.

For those seeking a deeper connection to the season's origins, we also feature ornaments representing the animals that graced the manger during the birth of Jesus. Let these pieces serve as a gentle reminder of the true spirit of Christmas. And to make your festive collection truly unique, explore our range of personalized Christmas ornaments. Celebrate the magic of the season with ornaments that hold special meaning for you and your loved ones!


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