Marine Life & Fish Ornaments

There isn't anything fishy about these Christmas ornaments! We make each of our fish ornaments with blown glass to ensure the best quality. This is one of the biggest collections of Animals in the Old World Christmas line. We don't skip over any marine animal or fish ornament you could want. We have everything from an Alligator to the Yellow-fin Tuna and creatures as small as a baby turtle and others as big as a whale. Let Old World Christmas help you swim away with these marine animals and fish ornaments this Christmas, check out our Beach Christmas Ornaments page for more of your tropical favorites. You can also try to hear the ocean through our Seashell Christmas Ornament set, or keep up the deep blue theme with our Blue Christmas Ornaments!


About Our Marine Life & Fish Ornaments

Merry Marine Life Decorations

Dreaming of a warm Christmas at the beach? Or looking for a way to make your favorite animals part of your Christmas decor? Old World Christmas has tons of fish decor and marine life ornaments for your home!

Tropical fish add vivid colors to any tree. Polar bears, otters, and other marine mammals add an adorable touch. You can find fish and marine life from the sea or freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers with our collection of handcrafted ornaments.

From seashells to sharks and squid, each ornament features handpainted colors for a vibrant look. We make all of our blown-glass ornaments using techniques from the 1800s. Explore the waters with us to learn more about our collection of marine life and fish ornaments.

Seasonal Decorations from the Sea

Bring the ocean to your home this season with sea-themed ornaments. Imagine the roar of the waves. Smell the salty air while decorating your Christmas tree with colorful seahorses, elegant oysters, or bold-colored lobsters.

Dive to the ocean’s depths with stingray ornaments. Or add a mystical touch to your tree with a seashell mermaid. Whether you want to go with a certain sea theme or decorate with a variety of sea ornaments, Old World Christmas has just what you’re looking for.

Cover your tree with purple sea urchins, red starfish, blue jellyfish, and coral reef ornaments for an eye-catching look. Or go with an assortment of crabs, including blue crabs and crab Louie.

From Large to Small Marine Life

The ocean is home to creatures of all sizes. And Old World Christmas has a collection of fish decor that shows it. We’ve got small shrimp ornaments made with delicate craftsmanship and painted with colors that won’t fade.

On the larger end, we’ve got an assortment of sharks, whales, and other big sea animals. Humpback whales, beluga whales, and orca whales bring a majestic touch to your Christmas tree. Great white sharks and hammerhead sharks add some festive ferocity.

Sleek sailfish, playful dolphins, and narwhals — the unicorns of the sea — are just a few of our other marine life and fish ornaments. We also have octopus and squid ornaments. Choose your favorite species. Or decorate your tree with a mix of large and small sea creatures from top to bottom.

Beautiful Beach Ornaments

Some of the sea’s beauty is found along the shore. Strolling along the beach means finding a variety of shells, from scallop to conch. You might have your own shell collection from beach trips. With our blown-glass ornaments, you can create a seashell-themed tree to celebrate these memories.

Shells come in all kinds of shapes, colors, and designs. That’s why we offer a variety of seashell ornaments at Old World Christmas. You’ll find spotted Junonia shells, conical wentletrap shells, and spiral nautilus shells.

Looking for some color? We’ve got Mexican seashells with a touch of pink. Or choose a sunrise shell with orange and pink tones that reflect the rising sun. We also have scallop shells with subtle stripes.

Shells aren’t the only thing you’ll find along the beach. Sand dollars are another favorite that people love to collect. With a poinsettia design on one side, our sand dollar ornaments make the perfect marine decor for the season!

Vibrant Colors and Designs

Tropical aquariums bring tons of color to any home. If you’re looking for a Christmas decor fish tank theme, we’ve got you covered. Our tropical fish ornaments can fill your tree with a rainbow of colors that brighten up dark winter days.

Choose peppermint angelfish for a truly seasonal look. Their red and white stripes are an ideal match with candy canes and other traditional decor on your tree.

Lean into a bold, tropical look with our tropical angelfish in vivid pink, yellow, and blue colors. Add some mini orange tropical fish ornaments to your tree to complete the look. Our collection also includes Pacific blue tang in deep shades of blue with yellow accents.

Looking for classic kinds of fish you’d find in an aquarium? We’ve got goldfish and purple betta fish ornaments to pay tribute to current and past pets. We also have beautiful koi fish with yellow spots.

Fresh from the Lake

Are you more of a freshwater fish fan? Our fish decor includes many species from lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds. Decorate your tree with colorful rainbow trout and earthy brown trout. Or choose largemouth bass and smallmouth bass instead.

Our freshwater fish ornaments are a great gift for avid fishers in your life. In addition to trout and bass, we’ve got king salmon, walleye, Pacific halibut, and pike ornaments. We also have hermit crabs and crawfish painted in vibrant colors.

Marine Mammals and Reptiles

Of course, fish aren’t the only creatures you’ll find in oceans, rivers, and other bodies of water. Plenty of mammals and reptiles call the water home. At Old World Christmas, our collection includes cuddly sea otters, not-so-cuddly alligators, and adorable seal pups.

Cover your tree with gentle manatees found in warmer waters. We also have graceful sea turtles, both large and small. Or go with Arctic animals, like walruses and polar bears. Discover your favorite marine mammals or reptiles within our extensive collection of marine life ornaments.

Find Fish Ornaments and More

Looking for the ideal marine life or fish decoration for your tree? Or as a gift to give a loved one? Explore all of our ornaments at Old World Christmas. You’ll find an incredible variety of sea or beach-themed decorations, along with freshwater decor. Our entire collection also includes many other themes and special occasions, from Christmas and Easter to anniversaries and graduations.

Every ornament in our collection is made by hand using blown-glass techniques. Each one is also glittered and hand-painted for outstanding color quality that lasts. Check out our sales and closeout deals on ornaments today!

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