Red Christmas Ornaments

It’s no secret that red is one of the most beloved Christmas colors dating back centuries. At Old World Christmas, we take the holiday tradition very seriously. That’s why here, you will find the best selection of red Christmas Ornaments to adorn your tree with this timeless Christmas color. Shop Old World Christmas today to find your new favorite red Christmas tree ornaments for your own tree or to gift to your loved ones this holiday season!


About Our Red Christmas Ornaments


From Symbolic Red Christmas Birds to crimson Christmas flowers and berries, the history of this classic Christmas color dates back centuries. It’s often said that our Celtic ancestors would celebrate the winter solstice with natural hues of red and green. This tradition would carry on to today’s modern Christmas celebrations, where we overindulge with red décor, wrapping paper, holiday treats, outfits, and who could forget about the merry old Coca-Cola Christmas Santa? With such a rich history, why not add some of that magic and tradition to your own Christmas tree with red Christmas ornaments?

Around here, there is no shortage of gorgeous red Christmas ornaments to choose from. Between our Cardinal Bird Ornaments symbolic of happiness and joy, to our stunning red Angel Christmas Ornaments reminding us of the religious reason for the season, to adorable heart ornaments perfect for spreading the love, Old World Christmas is sure to have the radiantly red ornaments to make your Christmas tree shine with beauty.


Aside from its deep roots in Christmas tradition, the color red symbolizes many other meanings worth celebrating during the holidays. For instance, red is symbolic of love, romance, strength, confidence, enthusiasm, and energy. Combined with other traditional Christmas colors, like Silver Christmas Ornaments,Gold Christmas Ornaments, and Green Christmas Ornaments, you’re bound to have one breathtaking tree this holiday season.


At Old World Christmas, we take pride in offering today’s best selection of Christmas ornaments of all colors and themes. Whether your idea of the perfect Christmas tree boasts a specific color scheme or is adorned with Personalized Christmas Ornaments that commemorate all of life’s special moments, you will find all of this and more at Old World Christmas. Browse and shop our entire collection of Dog OrnamentsCat OrnamentsNutcracker Ornaments, and more to find the best ornaments for everyone on your list–including yourself!

Maybe you’ve searched our website and can’t find the perfect ornament you hoped to have. Not to fret! Our Custom Christmas Ornaments program makes it possible to design the perfect ornament to capture the spirit of your vision, helping to commemorate any moment, place, pet, or person who you wish to celebrate. 

Shop Old World Christmas today to find the perfectly red ornaments for your tree, or contact us today to get started designing your very own custom ornament!

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