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Bringing nature indoors for Christmas is easy and beautiful with our trees and cones ornaments. Whether you like the traditional Christmas morning tree, a tropical palm tree or even a cactus we have the Christmas ornaments for you.  Make your Christmas tree come to life with our shimmering cones, acorns and leaves. If you want to add a little tropical flair, check out our beach and sea shell ornaments!


About Our Trees & Cones Ornaments

Bring the Forest Indoors

Trees and Christmas go hand in hand. Pine trees have been used as Christmas trees for centuries. You might bring a real tree into your home each year. Or you might decorate an artificial one that you use over and over. No matter what type you have, Old World Christmas helps you bring nature inside with our tree ornaments.

Create your own indoor forest with our pine cone, leaf, and acorn ornaments. Or decorate your Christmas tree with your favorite kind of tree. Our blown-glass cone and tree ornaments are handcrafted and handpainted for exceptional quality and color.

We use glassmaking techniques that go all the way back to the 19th century. These tried-and-true methods give our Christmas ornaments a colorful, classic look. Let’s wander through our collection of tree and cone ornaments to see what’s available.

Go Classic With Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are one of the most recognizable symbols of the season. Many people have a big tree in their homes. Some also have smaller trees on tabletops for added decorations. You can’t go wrong with a Christmas tree ornament when you want to celebrate this winter holiday.

Our Christmas morning tree ornaments bring cheer and memories of past Christmases spent with loved ones. As you and your family gather around the tree to open presents on Christmas morning, you can admire the beautiful colors of this ornament.

Our radiant Christmas tree ornament brings even more colors to your tree. Done in bold shades of green and gold with colorful presents underneath, this is a perfect decoration for any tree.

Looking for a nostalgic decoration? How about a vintage station wagon carrying home a Christmas tree on top? If you had real trees growing up, you’ll love the memories this ornament brings back.

Vintage Pine Cone Ornaments

Did you know that pine cones were among the earliest Christmas tree decorations? They’re easy enough to find on the ground during winter. But you don’t have to gather your own to hang on your tree.

We’ve got plenty of pine cone decoration Christmas ornaments for your home. Add these beautifully crafted ornaments to your tree for a natural touch. Our vintage pine cone ornaments bring traditional charm and Victorian flair.

We give our vintage pine cone ornaments a mercury-like finish using safe materials. Choose our snow-capped silver pine cones to give your Christmas tree a wintry look. Or cover it with small gold pine cones to brighten it up.

For a traditional look, go with our ponderosa pine cone or woodland cone ornaments. Want to add color? We’ve got ponderosa and shimmering cone-shaped pine cones in shades of blue.

A Wooded Wonderland

Looking for something beyond pine cones as Christmas decorations? At Old World Christmas, our collection also includes acorns and leaves. You can mix pine cones with these ornaments to create a natural-looking tree. Or cover your tree with just leaves or acorns if you prefer.

Add small acorn ornaments among your other Christmas ornaments for a touch of the outdoors. Choose our vintage acorn ornaments for Victorian charm.

Missing fall colors during this time of year? We’ve got brightly colored red maple leaf ornaments to help you bring some autumn flair to your tree. These look great when paired with our gold pine cone ornaments.

Love the towering, majestic look of redwood trees? Redwoods aren’t a traditional kind of Christmas tree. But our redwood tree ornament lets you bring this majesty into your home in a smaller way. Complete your wooded wonderland look with these beloved trees.

Delightful Desert Decorations

Looking for a way to bring the desert into your home for the holidays? Whether you live in a desert climate or enjoy vacationing there, we have the perfect ornament for you. Our Christmas cactus is covered in colorful lights with a gold star on top.

You might not be able to bring an actual cactus inside to decorate for the season. But our cactus ornament makes up for that. This handpainted ornament is done in soothing shades of green. Bolder-colored lights dot this Christmas cactus for a festive look.

Cover your tree with these desert decorations. Or add a cactus or two to your current ornament collection for an eclectic look. Your tree can include woodland, desert, and tropical themes with our variety of tree ornaments.

Peaceful Palm Trees for Your Tree

Speaking of the tropics, how about a palm tree for Christmas? If you live in a warm environment, you might be used to seeing these trees instead of pine trees. Some people even throw lights around outdoor ones for holiday cheer.

Ever had a beach vacation during Christmas? Then you know how calming it is to enjoy the festivities with palm trees all around. You can bring that serenity to your home with our Christmas palm tree ornaments.

These blown-glass, handcrafted ornaments feature vivid green palm fronds and rich, brown trunks. They’re covered with holiday lights for a seasonal look. And you’ll find a pile of colorful presents stacked up underneath on sandy ground surrounded by blue water.

Add some of our other beach-themed ornaments to create a tropical paradise in your living room. We’ve got seashells, fish, and plenty of other ornaments to choose from!

Explore More Nature-Themed Christmas Ornaments

Nature offers tons of possibilities for Christmas tree themes. Our cone and tree ornaments let you bring the forest into your home — or the desert or beach if you prefer. We also have tons of animal ornaments, from woodland critters to marine life.

You’ll find many other nature themes in our entire collection of Christmas ornaments as well. From Arctic environments to tropical climates, we have an impressive selection of blown-glass ornaments at Old World Christmas. Explore our closeout specials on ornaments to stock up for next Christmas or other occasions!

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