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Old World Christmas does its best to make Christmas happen all year long. The Christmas spirit is alive and well in our offices, employees and of course in our ornaments. We eat, breathe and live Christmas, and we don’t want to be pushy, but we want to spread Christmas cheer all year long to each and every one of our wonderful customers. 

One of the ways we spread the Christmas spirit all year long is by keeping in touch through email. Our emails are short and sweet, informative, fun to look at, and always feature the best—and timely—ornaments we have to offer. With over 1500 ornaments, there truly is one for every person on your list, and you might be surprised with what we offer. But, you’ll never know if you don’t sign up for our emails. We believe that the Grinch is behind spam emails, so we won’t bombard you with too many emails. We average two emails a week. We’d never sell your information because that feels Grinchy too. 

Part of a year-round Christmas is sharing new releases and pre-orders with our customers. Every year we retire a handful of ornaments and release about 150 new ornaments. Knowing you get to see new ornaments when we (er…our elves) press “send” on our marketing emails is like Christmas Eve for us. We are giddy when we slowly roll out the year’s new ornaments, and we love hearing the feedback and excitement from our customers. It’s especially satisfying because so many of our ornament ideas have come from our customers. We’re happy making you happy!

We are in the middle of releasing 2021’s new batch of ornaments little by little. Each week we send an email or two with new ornaments in the collection. However, you won’t know what’s new unless you get the emails. Sure, you could go each week to our website and see what's new, but the email curates our collection for you. The same goes for pre-sales. Every so often we release a new ornament for pre-sale. These are usually popular and timely ornaments that sell quickly, and we find that our customers love hearing about these first via email. 

If you’re reading this, then you’ve found the Yule Blog, but we post weekly blog posts about all-things Christmas. We’ve created helpful gift guides for your parents or the guys in your life. We’ve highlighted our coffee ornaments and given ideas how to decorate with Christmas ornaments all year long. We’ve celebrated 50 years of famous Coca Cola® commercial and we’ve helped with party ideas. We love keeping our customers informed and entertained, and to be in on the fun don’t miss out on emails. 

We want you to be informed and in-the-know about everything Old World Christmas. Our Christmas ornaments are popular, current and giftable to everyone you know, and in order to be up on it all we recommend signing up for our emails. We’re already gearing up for the best time of the year, and typical Christmas fashion, we want to spread good cheer to everyone.

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Rachael Mitchell

Rachael Mitchell is a freelance writer based in Seattle, Washington, and has over 15 years of writing experience. She’d never be able to pick just one favorite ornament, but narrowed it down to the S’more and Tennis Ball. She always looks forward to s’mores in the summer with friends and family adding gourmet ingredients, and played 4 years of college tennis in the mid-west.

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Two years ago, I had my first Christmas Tree in over 10 years. I filled it with Old World Christmas birds and glass icicles. Last year I wasn’t able to have a tree, but last night I once again put up the tree and covered it with my beautiful birds.

Thank you for making my Christmas a joy.
I am 78 years old and treasure these birds and expect them to become treasures for my children and grandchildren in the years to come.

A Merry Christmas to all.

Betty Crabtree

Betty Crabtree

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